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Please Help Me Get The Medical Industry To Treat Parasitic Infection In The United States

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The number of Americans suffering from parasitic infections, internal and of the skin, is quickly growing. The tests are providing false negative results. They need to be updated because it is clear that they are incorrect. Doctors are not listening to their patients, some are suggesting the illness is one of the mind. If you have not traveled outside of the country it is thought that you cannot contract such things. This is quite obviously not true, and if it were, our food, clothing, linens, furnishings, automobiles and more are coming into our country from all over the world daily. It is naive to believe that all are sterilized at the borders. There are entire communities of people that have found one another online while searching for solutions. While we have found much support - we are very much in need of our care providers to re-educate themselves on this topic. By nature, parasites hide from their host. This is how they survive. They adapt and evolve. It is not a stretch to understand that this will carry through to the testing process. I am asking for our doctors to honor their oaths, and please, hear us. 

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