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Help me remove abusive DJ Romeo from the airwaves!

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To put this bluntly, Hot 94.1 has a radio personality by the name of Romeo who continually engages in conversation encouraging the verbal and mental abuse, and degradation of women. In this day and age, I understand that our society is highly sensitive to certain issues which can be interpreted as being offended or overly emotional, but this topic specifically is not one of those situations or scenarios.

On numerous occasions I have overheard Romeo engaging in and encouraging verbal abuse towards women in the form of controlling behavior, (encouraging men to "Not ALLOW them to dress like wh*res)  name-calling (I personally was called an idiot, live, on air for defending a woman's right to dress how ever she sees fit) ridiculing listeners who try to engage in debates to refute his vile words. Etc.

I understand the nature of the radio industry, and I am aware that his approach is somewhat of a "shock jock" type scenario. What I take issue with is the fact that his advice and his words reach such a vast audience, and to have a person of his position encouraging supporting and actively participating in mental, verbal and emotional abuse towards women is unacceptable, unfathomable and most importantly, dangerous.

If someone in his position cannot differentiate between speaking the truth on particular situations and engaging in abusive behavior that has the potential to reach thousands of people, this company has a legal and moral obligation to be held responsible for that and any repercussions thereafter that may occur.  I am sick and sad that abuse is so normalized when I myself was a victim of physical violence and the suggestions that he provides for men specifically foster a mentality which could ultimately result in death for a woman who is not so lucky.

Help me raise awareness to him and others like him that we will not allow the romanticization of any form of abuse whether it's in our homes or on the airwaves. There are millions of other topics that he could discuss on his show and if all he is focused on is the desecration of women, that says something about his character and those who employ him. 

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