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Dignified Disposal of our Nations Flag ashes after proper disposal

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The U.S, Flag is the most Recognizable Symbol in the world.

 U.S. CODE Title 4 chapter 1 section 8(k) states “ The Flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, should be destroyed, in a dignified manner, preferably by burning”

 U.S. CODE does not address the disposal of the ashes from these ceremonies

The Idaho state veterans cemetery in cooperation with American Legion Lloyd E. Hutcheson Post 113, Department of Idaho, have recognized the symbolism behind the honorable disposal of the ashes of our nations flag. They have provided for the disposal of our nations greatest symbol, .

In an effort to raise support for this idea a resolution was presented to the American Legion "Americanism Commission". the resolution was rejected on the idea that once a flag has been properly disposed of, and rendered to ashes, it is no longer a symbol of our country and therefore no longer deserving of the respect given our Nations Flag.

If that is the case then are we to stop giving Military Honors to deceased Veterans just because they chose to be cremated instead of a casket burial? no!  a Veteran will be given Honors no matter the method of his burial,.and where U.S. code considers our Flag a "living symbol"  which has flown over our country for more than 2 Centuries,I truly believe it deserves respect even after disposal, the same as those Veterans who may have fallen defending it.

Please sign this petition and share on various social media, and lets give our nations Flag the respect it deserves.

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