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Tell the AKC to keep full/limited registration up to ethical and reputable breeders!

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I am requesting that the AKC continue to allow ethical breeders to decide who shall have limited or full registration of their puppies to prevent irresponsible breeding of their bloodlines.

It has come to my attention that the AKC is contemplating taking that decision out of the hands of reputable breeders that are committed to protecting their dogs and puppies.  We do not want any puppy registered as "full" without our permission.  Not every puppy should be bred nor should every owner be a breeder!

Ethical and reputable breeders breed for the betterment of their breed and for a specific purpose not just to produce puppies.  There are far too many dogs in shelters!  Please do not take this very important decision out of the hands of the responsible breeders that have committed their lives to the dogs they love so much. 

To make it perfectly clear without limited registration anyone can breed any purebred dog, have litters of puppies that can all be AKC registered and then all of those puppies can be bred etc.  That will do nothing but add to the shelter dog population as again not every dog owner should be a breeder!

As reputable breeders and dog lovers we urge the AKC to take this as seriously as we do.  Do not remove the limited registration option on our puppies' AKC registration papers. 


Alisia McIntyre, reputable breeders of the USA, and dog lovers

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