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American Kennel Club: Boycott the World dog show 2019 in China.

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This petition urges the American Kennel Club to boycott the World Dog Show held in China in 2019. For China to be awarded the World Dog Show by the FCI is an astonishment in itself, given the extreme cruelty they inflict on dogs, most notably in the Dog Meat Trade and the Yulin Festival, where millions of dogs - some stolen pets - are tortured and slaughtered for their meat every year. But for other nations to participate in this show is an insult to everything we in the civilised world stand for. How can we take part in an event celebrating dogs when the host country inflicts unspeakable abuse and torment on them?

Boiled alive, skinned alive, callously beaten and maimed, China has proven time and time again that they have no respect or love for man's best friend; but here in the United States, we do. We strongly condemn such inconceivable cruelty and that is why we, the people, urge the American Kennel Club to announce their withdrawal from this event to immediate effect. Boycotting this event is the only way to send the message to China that their treatment towards dogs is unacceptable; we urge the American Kennel Club to take a lead role in sending this message loud and clear. So far, the British Kennel Club stands alone in its refusal to attend the WDS in China; we ask that the United States stands with them to show China that its barbaric and inhumane treatment of dogs will not be tolerated. The FCI claims that hosting the World Dog Show in China will help build a bond between the Chinese people and dogs; this is ineffective and will ultimately prove unsuccessful. China will only yield to international criticism, not attempts at building bridges. The only way we can show them our disapproval is by boycotting the World Dog Show 2019, which may jilt them into implementing animal cruelty laws that their country desperately needs.

Please sign this petition. We are a nation of dog lovers and China's treatment of dogs goes against absolutely everything we ourselves stand for. We cannot allow the United States of America, a country where we pride ourselves on our love and respect for dogs, to be affiliated with this outrageous event. We must make a stand and let China know we do not tolerate their abuse of animals. Please also join our group below, Operation Hound, which aims to put a halt to China's hosting of the World Dog Show and will attempt to 'flood' the White House with letters to expose the barbarity and cruelty of the dog meat trade. Please join us in this fight.

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