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We need to change our Justice's system. We need to get our American  Justice's  System back to the way it use to be. We have way to many people being murdered in our country. Many defendants are  being sent to prison for 25 to -life. We can no longer continue as American taxpayers  to keep seeing people sent to prison.

We need to bring back the Death Penalty to many states that dont have it. Only 29 States have the actual Death Penalty but do not use it. We need true justice for all these innocent people who are being hurt or killed for no reason at all. This would be an immediate Justice for all these innocent victims and their families  too. 

This petition is for all, Sexual  predators, Human  traffickers, parents whom kill their children,  elderly abuser,cold hearted killers. It Needs To End today. 

Once the defendant/defendants  has been found GUILTY of all charges being filed against them,  they need to be sentenced to death.

No more free rides in the over crowded Penitentiary's  in all 50 states including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico.

The prisons are already over croward for  non violent criminals. These are the ones that can use rehabilitation, but sonce ther is too many MURDERERS, baby kilkers, sexual  predators, human traffickers, they can not be rehabilitate do to lack of funding.


NOMORE lifers in the prison  system walking free. They should not be able to breathe, they should not be able to get phones calls, letters, tablets,radios,canteen money nothing.

Im so tried America seeing innocent bystanders being killed especially women,children and the elderly. 

Please decide today that once a defendant has been found Guilty they die within a month. Many people call me harsh for asking you to sign this petition. Im tried of hearing all these senseless murders each an everyday. They also are telling me that lethal injection is too costly.

I believe that the victims family should decide which way the defendant/defendants should leave this world. Im left really with only 3 choices in which we can send them on the way.

1. The Electric Chair 

2. Firing Squad 

3. Public Hanging 

This is the way it used to be against criminal that murder people. 

This would be immediate justicefor these victims and their families. .


Thank you for reading the petition, signing  the petition,and please share the  petition 

I thank you but these families will thank you too.