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AISU Students' Petition to the School Board

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This petition was conceived and written by students. Mike Farley and all other adults mentioned have no knowledge of this petition.


To Whom It May Concern:

We, the undersigned students of AISU, are writing in an effort to improve communication between administration and students and to combat a developing culture of fear. We have noticed a lack of checks and balances in the way that our school board operates, and we would like to be the voice that holds the board accountable for its actions. As each of us represents state funding that allows the school to continue its operations, we feel that our concerns should be heard and addressed. 

Specifically, we have observed the following abuses of power over the past few months: 

  • The unjust firing of employees and staff members, including, but not limited to: Michael Farley, Kelly Casaday, Steven Farley, and Gregory Farley.
  • Refusing to communicate openly with staff members and students about important decisions.
  • Making decisions on behalf of AIS, which operates separately from AISU.
  • Not informing the school community in advance of Board of Directors meetings.

Due to these abuses, we demand:

  • That the school board resign immediately and appoint a replacement acting school board with a student representative (chosen by the student body). This acting board will take care of the board’s duties until a permanent school board (also with one or more student representatives) can take over.
  • That the members of the reorganized school board read, understand, and abide by the board’s policies and procedures.

Additionally, we request that:

  • Michael Farley be reinstated as the business manager of AIS and either be reinstated as the superintendent of AISU or become a participating member of the reorganized school board.
  • Kelly Casaday, Steven Farley, and Gregory Farley be reinstated in their former positions with AISU.

As students at AISU, our entire education hinges on the decisions made by the school board. We love AISU for many reasons, including the incredible teachers, directors, and staff members; the world-class performing arts and STEM programs; and the wonderful and supportive student community. These are the qualities that attracted us to AISU; the faculty and staff members who have been forced to leave the school made a profound and meaningful difference in our lives, and the unique education AISU offers would not exist without these people. We feel that the AISU experience is in danger because of the decisions currently being made by the board. Because of this, we feel compelled to take action.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss these requests with the school board.


The Students of AISU

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