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The new movie , A Dog's Purpose caught abusing German Shepherds on set. Boycott this film!

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The upcoming movie, A Dog's Purpose is about a dog's quest to find out the meaning of his life through reincarnation and having multiple owners throughout the process.

As an avid animal lover, especially since I am a proud parent of two furbabies, I was extremely excited about going to see this movie. Even though I was 100% certain it would make me cry,  I still wanted to see it. I can't remember the last time a movie like this was made. A movie that seemed like it's sole purpose was to pull on the heart strings of the audience watching it. Knowing that audience members who go to see it are most likely pet owners and animal lovers, people that consider their dogs members of their family, and people like me, who not only consider their dogs to be family, but want to stand up and protect them, and every other animal out there that needs it. Our pets are such a huge part of our lives and while they sadly don't bless us with their presence for as long as we would like them to, while they are here, they make life worth living. Which is why we need to make sure that they, as well as every pet and animal out there are being treated properly and with the respect and admiration they so rightly deserve.

This movie was supposed to be about that. Sadly, this was overlooked and instead, an unsettling video depicting the exact opposite was captured during the production's filming. This footage taken by TMZ in November, 2015 shows a terrified German shepherd being forced into rapid churning waters. The dog can be seen clawing at a pool's edge, trying to run away, and a trainer is then seen forcing the dog into the water. Off camera, someone can actually be heard saying that the dog just needs to be thrown into the water. The dog did eventually get into the water, and was then immediately submerged, which is even more unsettling. This German Shepherd was one of at least five dogs who were being used for the production.

I am calling on all animal lovers, animal rights activists and organizations whose sole purpose is to fight and protect the rights and well being of animals to please boycott this movie to send a message to the director of the film, Lasse Hallstrom, (who was present during this entire debacle), as well as Amblin Partners, and Universal Pictures that every animal, including our pets, and beloved fur family members are not props, and need to be treated properly and not forced to do things that are scary or uncomfortable just for an audience's viewing pleasure. This dog was obviously frightened and forced to do something that he clearly did not want to do, and was put in a potentially dangerous situation, especially after immediately being submerged once in the water. This film did not protect the rights of the animals being filed and should not be supported at all.

Please join me in boycotting this film and sending the director and film company a message by signing this petition, sharing it as much as possible, and letting them know that they might not think the rights of animals are important, but there are people out there like us who do, and who will continue to stand up and protect the rights and well being of animals in any and every way possible.

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