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Update your research and findings on fat, diet and heart health

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As one of the premier institutions on heart health, the American Heart Association (AHA) is a great non-profit with even greater intentions; however, a recent "Presidential Advisory" report from the organization continues to use dated research findings to support the theory that dietary fats cause cardiovascular disease.  Their report relies upon studies that were prepared in the sixties and seventies, while ignoring more recent reports and studies that prove this theory is no longer valid.  The report goes on to demonize Coconut Oil while recommending pro-inflammatory vegetable oils such as corn and soy oil.  The organization's Industry Nutrition Advisory Panel has members from non-hearth healthy corporations such as The Sugar Association, Coca-Cola, the United Soybean Board and the US Canola Association.  

The AHA continues to demonize cholesterol and saturated fat as a leading cause of cardiovascular disease when recent studies show that inflammation and oxidation of cholesterol molecules are the true cause.  What causes inflammation in our diet?  The Standard American Diet (SAD) which is full of processed foods, sugars and simple carbs.  Who creates these products?  Those members that happen to be on the AHA's Nutritional Advisory Panel.

Cholesterol is a fundamental component of every cell membrane in the body and 25% of the body's cholesterol is found in the brain.  It is proven that cholesterol is brain food.  Some recent studies are indicating that our infatuation with lowering cholesterol (and cholesterol lower drugs like Lipitor) may have links to the rise of Alzheimer's Disease and other dementia type diseases of the brain.  It is possible that we might be starving our brain of food.  Pfizer, the creator of Lipitor, is a corporate sponsor of the AHA.           

As mentioned in my first statement, this petition is not out to demonize the AHA.  This petition is to request that the AHA look at the recent studies and findings in the field of cholesterol and saturated fat with an unbiased and unfiltered lens free of corporate influence.  An organization with such authority and a massive amount of followers should set exemplary standards in their research and findings.       

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