American Express to stop bullying mentally ill before it causes a suicide

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American Express pick on vulnerable clients with mental health illness and it needs to stop before it's too late! Please help me to stop them!!

Let me paint a picture for you... American Express ignores warnings that customers are vulnerable and suffering from serious mental health issues. American Express harass and breach the rights of these vulnerable customers by continuing to contact them, rather than contact the advocate they nominate to speak with instead (customers with mental health issues nominate an advocate because they are unwell and unable to speak with American Express). Despite knowing this, American Express continue to harass them, resulting in further harm to their mental health.

American Express, in some instances, have even sent the debts to debt collectors to continue to harass the vulnerable customer directly again.

When confronted with this, their staff laugh (actually laugh), hang up, promise call backs, promise to transfer you to a manager (and hang up), and then continue to harass the customer directly again.

It is only a matter of time before American Express cause a vulnerable customer to self harm and take their life.

Please help us to send a message to American Express that this is not acceptable and they have an obligation to treat vulnerable customers with mental illness, with respect and common courtesy.

American Express needs to acknowledge their actions, put in place processes to ensure this does not continue to occur and compensate/remedy those who have been impacted by their negligence.

I care because if this does not stop, it is only a matter of time before someone reaches breaking point and takes their own life!


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