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Stop Promoting SeaWorld Animal Cruelty

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American Express is one of SeaWorld's newest corporate partners. Earlier this year, they became the "official card" of SeaWorld, and we need to tell them that orcas are intelligent animals who do not belong in tiny tanks at SeaWorld. American Express’ strong customer service values are at the heart of its success, and I think American Express should align with the values of its customers and end its partnership with this theme park.

The orcas at SeaWorld perform silly tricks in an entertainment arena vibrating with startling loud music and audiences. They live their entire lives in captivity and are denied of their natural habitat and social behaviors, which causes them incomprehensible stress and misery. Recently, SeaWorld had a fancy press event announcing its plan to “improve” living conditions, thus confining the orcas to enclosed tanks at a maximum of 50 feet deep! That's no way to treat a very large wild animal, and SeaWorld is trying to distract people from the truth by claiming to respect them.

I live in New York City and can't stand being confined to a cramped subway car for even a few minutes, let alone weeks or years with a limited ability to socialize and explore, stretch my legs on a run in the park, or enjoy summer sunsets. I can't imagine what Tilikum and the other orcas must feel like—not to mention SeaWorld’s other performance mammals like the belugas and dolphins in captivity!

I know there's been a lot of talk about the documentary Blackfish (I haven't seen the movie because I’m very sensitive to the depiction of animal suffering). It makes me question why American Express would align its household name with SeaWorld's negative reputation of animal captivity and cruelty.

My friend Robin was able to get a lot of people to sign her petition that put pressure on Southwest Airlines; they're ending their decades-long partnership with SeaWorld! That was awesome.

With your help, we can align American Express with the values of its powerful customer base and preserve the integrity of their brand from the negative press associated with a cruel industry that is declining into obsolescence. Without partners like American Express, SeaWorld could not continue to capitalize on its wildlife entertainment corporation disguised as an animal rescue sanctuary and wholesome family entertainment.

I was in the process of getting an American Express card, but am reconsidering after learning SeaWorld is making a profit off of American Express customers! They should end their corporate partnership with SeaWorld because there is no excuse for animal abuse.

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