Change AERO social studies standards to include study of racism, injustice and oppression

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Dear AERO (American Education Reaches Out),

We are asking you to alter your standards to encourage an exploration of systemic racism and injustice. We recognize that standards are broad guidelines for instruction, and encourage you to create a framework for more explicitly teaching racism, injustice and oppression in curriculum. Unfortunately, racism has occurred and continues to occur in most cultures and societies throughout time. Through deliberate acknowledgment of these realities, we think that we can create more informed citizens better equipped to navigate the complexities of an ever-changing world. We ask you to consider the following: 

  • Your standards discuss identity, race, culture and government, but make no mention of how these systems can be used to suppress and exploit certain groups within a society. 
  • Your standards speak to a society's ability to shape an individual's identity but makes no mention of what happens when society subjugates identity (especially of a race/class of people). 
  • Your standards speak to an individual's ability to affect change through nonconformity, but make no mention of what drives people toward nonconformity. 

Through the acknowledgment of racism, injustice and oppression, we can work to create enduring empathy and understanding for subjugated peoples within societies. As an organization that sets standards for American schools across the world, you would be propelling learning toward global good. You would also be encouraging more confrontation within organizations with tough issues. We believe that these confrontations are well-springs for positive change. 

Thank you for your consideration.