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American Eagle take down rape culture ad

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Above is the advertisement posted by American Eagle. Here is the link to see the full size photo:

American Eagle Outfitters recently posted an advertisement showing a woman standing above a half dressed man with the woman's legs spread apart and the view you get of the woman is only her legs and private areas. This advertisement is provocative and suggestive. Rape culture is real. Rape culture is prevalent. Rape culture victimizes women and devalues survivors and their stories. 

American Eagle should not condone rape culture along with any other companies on media sources. As a long time customer of American Eagle I am disappointed and angry. I will no longer support this company if they continue to encourage this kind of culture. If American Eagle Outfitters were to take down and remove their advertisement from all media sources and give a public apology it will encourage other companies on media sources to rethink the way they advertise their products and protect women. Women are already degraded in enough ways. Companies like American Eagle Outfitters should be protecting and empowering women; especially when such a large part of their profits come from women.

Rape culture is not okay and something needs to be done in the way that media portrays women. Please sign & share this petition to take a stance on this prevalent issue in the United States and all over the world. 

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