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Dear Citizens of Earth, 
         We are a group of eighth graders from Dubuque, Iowa, and today we are writing to you about the obvious concerns of sweatshops. Sweatshops are factories that have horrendous working conditions, extreme hours, and little pay. The employees are treated like dirt and placed in an unsafe environment. Shockingly, one of the biggest sweatshop offenders is the one, the only, American Eagle. Surprising, right? Why would a company named American Eagle manufacture most all goods in foreign countries? The short answer is, cost to produce is cheaper. Sadly, many businesses are only in it for the money, completely ignoring the correct ethical path. In American Eagle factories, workers are exposed to open chemicals, sandblasting, and unstable buildings. In one situation, a factory collapsed, falling and burning to the ground. It killed more than 1,000 people. The most tragic part of this is, the workers knew the building was unsafe, but they were not allowed to leave their work. Now that you know a few facts about sweatshops, I hope that you make the right decision, and sign this petition. We need to create stricter laws that prohibit the practice of unsafe sweatshops in other countries. By signing this petition, you will help be bringing justice to these unfair employees. 


Madelyn Deutsch

Gordon Cunningham

Jacob Brimeyer

Angel Reuter

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