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Investigate Dr. Howard Schneider of Jacksonville Fl

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In December 2014 Brandi Fagg took her daughter to the dentist for a cleaning,was told everything looked great. Sunday she received a call saying she needed to bring her back ASAP because ONE tooth in the front was having problems coming out and the adult tooth was poking through well. She returned her daughter to the dentist on Monday and after waiting for two hours Dr Schneider called her daughter back but refused to allow her mother to accompany her. At the time, she didn't know this was against the law so she didn't go back. Brandi sat in the waiting room three more hours waiting for her daughter to have one tooth pulled.Brandi went to the window three times to see what was going on and received no answer or explanation. Finally a hygienist came into the waiting room and explained that there had been an accident.

Upon entering the exam room Brandi observed that her daughter had bruises and scratches all over her. The hygienist explained that they had her on a papoose board and had stepped out the room for a moment. When they came back in they had found her daughter face down on the floor. This was upsetting enough but when Brandi walked out to the car her daughter told her the unthinkable "Mommy they lying to you the man threw me and choked me while the lady sit on me." This was the first time her daughter had removed the gauze from her mouth and at that moment she noticed her daughter was missing 7 teeth all she had left were back teeth.

Brandi took her daughter straight to the emergency room and called the police. Her daughter had fractured nose, a large bump on her head, a black eye and a bruised hand print around the neck. Unfortunately, the police can't press charges because Dr. Schneider is not a care giver and her daughter is the only witness.

Since publicizing her story, Brandi has been approached by many other parents who have reported similar instances with their own children. You can see how Dr. Schneider's business has been reviewed on Google and other sites. We do not want Dr. Schneider to be run out of town only to practice dentistry in another place. Please petition the American Dental Association, Florida Dental Association and the Florida Board of Dentistry to review the allegations against Dr. Schneider and revoke his license. 

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