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Stop harassing Kristin of "Dirty Signs with Kristin"

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I'm starting this petition because I am disgusted and embarrassed by the reaction of my fellow deaf citizens in regard to "Dirty Signs with Kristin."  

Kristin has been learning American Sign Language since she was a student at the Rochester Institute of Technology.  One of RIT's colleges is the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID), which has about 1,500 deaf and hard-of-hearing students.

One day, Kristin asked a dorm floormate how to sign "large pizza."  The prankster taught her how to sign "lesbian vagina" instead.  She certainly got a strange look when she placed her order in the dining hall!

That incident fueled her interest in learning how to sign dirty phrases in sign language.  A friend wanted to learn more but lived far away, so in January 2011 Kristin began posting videos on YouTube.  Her videos quickly grew in popularity, and now she is working on a book.  She also sells merchandise on her website (

As a result, she is now a target of fury by some deaf activists.  Here's what I think of that:

1)  Attention deaf bullies:  You do not own sign language.  You do not get to decide what other people do with sign language.

2)  You could have done the same thing yourself but you didn't.

3)  Kristin is a performing artist and has the right to perform as she wishes.

4)  Your attempt to stop her from publishing a book is CENSORSHIP, pure and simple.

5)  Go live in a totalitarian country if you can't handle American freedom of speech.

The deaf radical militants will certainly attack me for posting this petition.  I don't expect to get many signatures since there is a huge absence of critical thinking in the deaf community.  More often, there is knee-jerk compliance from mindless deafies who do as they are told by the deaf militants.

Please sign this petition as a message to the deaf bullies that they don't get to decide what other people think and do.

Tom Willard
Rochester, NY

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