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Bring Back the Cotton Candy Blizzard

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Since the dawn of time, humans have been celebrated for creating numerous stellar inventions. From the making of the wheel to high speed internet, we have been creating solutions to common problems. One such problem mankind has faced for centuries has been creating the most one-of-a-kind flavor our tastebuds can cherish. In 2003... That puzzle had been cracked by Dairy Queen, who introduced the mind blowing Cotton Candy Blizzard. 

This blizzard was a diamond in the rough. As a child, I was extremely shy and anxious. I never looked forward to anything until the Cotton Candy Blizzard made its way into existence. The nearest Dairy Queen was roughly a thirty minute drive, so at best, I would go once a month. I would be so excited sitting in the backseat, my mom driving to the grocery store. I knew that after grocery shopping, she would take me to get this blizzard. It was something I genuinely looked forward to.

Fast forward some odd years later, and I get ripped of this delicacy. Like Luke Skywalker, it just vanishes without a trace. 2015 comes around and Dairy Queen teases me with the "seasonal" blizzard option on a select month out of the year. By the time I do hear about it, I spring into a car and pedal as quickly as possible only to find out that the restaruant either doesn't carry it, or they "just ran out". Dumbfounded, I always left a broken man.

The main purpose for this petition is to bring back the Cotton Candy Blizzard permanently. With your help, the next generation can enjoy a frozen treat that brings us back to a somewhat simpler time. You are also giving those who may have not had the opportunity to bask in this luxurious frozen dairy treat a chance to do just that.    

Thank you in advance

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