The American Dairy Association and Dairy Council (ADAC) and dairy farms across America have been mistreating cows, separating newborn calves from their mothers and sending them to slaughter,dragging them by their ears and beating defensless cows and their young.Milk is not nessecary for the human body, and we are better off without it.The mother cows never get to see their young calves after birth.
"That's one sad,unhappy,upset cow.She wants her baby.Bellowing for it,hunting for it.It's like greiving,mourning-not much written about it.People don't like to allow them
thoughts or feelings." -Temple Grandin, Ph.D.
Sick and injured cows unable to walk are left to suffer.Veal calve's necks are chained while they stand side by side in tiny, crowded stalls.
The crates the cows live in are so small, they can't even turn around.
Male cows are rendered useless because they can't produce milk, so they are sent to slaughter minutes after they're born.
When cows can no longer produce milk, they are "used"for meat.Cows are hung upside down while fully concious, and they're throats are slit, causing all of the blood to rush out of them.
Cows are extremely gentle and affectionate animals,they form strong bonds together, especially between mother and calf, and these gentle giants do not deserve to be treated this way!Please sign my petition to get ADADC to help cows get better living conditions and respect.

Mercy For Animals: Vegetarian starter kit

Letter to
American Dairy Association and Dairy Council,Inc.
Please give your cows more respect and better living conditions.
These are very affectionate creatures that did nothing to you. They also provide milk for you to sell, for YOUR income.
Please respect these amazing animals. They are considered sacred in India, so why not act like that here?