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Well, well, well.

Katniss West
burlington, NC

Jul 15, 2013 — the ADADC only rules THREE STATES. And the person that i talked to denied EVERYTHING. Either PETA was wrong, or the lady on the phone that I talked to covered up and made the farms sound like cow paradise. She told me that the cows were taken from their mothers for "health reasons" and the stalls that the cows stayed in were comfortably large. "The stalls are cleaned every day" and "The farmers treat their cows in the best way possibe" were both things that she said. But watch the video. It certainly is NOT like that. Ladies and Gentleman, this just goes to prove how large expensive industries do NOT want us to know about what goes on in the making of milk. We had an 18 minute convorsation, and I did'nt beleive anything she said. PETA PROVED that sad and abused cows lived in the farms. Well, let's see where this journey goes.


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