Save Village Pizza on Larchmont

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We support and stand behind Village Pizza. We urge American Commercial Equities to negotiate a fair resolution. If American Commercial Equities does not manage a deal with Village Pizza, we - the Larchmont & LA community - will boycott the property and any businesses that fill the vacancies.


For months we’ve been struggling to keep up with the insane demands that this pandemic has brought upon us. We know a lot of you are in similar situations, struggling to pay rents and various overhead costs, as are we. We’ve tried in good faith to negotiate a fair deal with our landlord for 6 months to no avail, and unfortunately we may fall victim to what 1 in 5 small businesses have already faced- permanent closure. We know a lot of you will miss your local favorites when they’re gone, so now’s the time to take action. We really don’t know if this petition will work, in the end our landlord has final say, but we would love and truly appreciate if you could come down and show your support by signing. By the end of this year, there will be at least 30 empty stores on our beloved Larchmont... please help us not be one of them. Thank you, and pizza love to all☮️❤️ -Steve and the VP family/crew


We the under signed, sign this petition of our own free will in support of our beloved Village Pizzeria, a staple favorite of our community for 24 years. 

We strongly encourage you to negotiate a fair resolution of the pre-pandemic high rent issue coupled with the mandated restrictions imposed them by the pandemic crisis which has devastated this boulevard and many other small "mom and pop" establishments and communities.

As Larchmont Boulevard now has 17 vacant stores and 13 more (plus) coming by years end, we cannot stand by watching the deterioration of our boulevard - a "neighborhood gem" and watch as Village Pizzeria is added to this sad and increasing list of vacancies.

We stand by Village Pizzeria. We strongly hope you consider every option and recognize every signature of support during this unprecedented, destructive "abnormal" time!

Signed - customers, friends, "pizza family" at large.


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