Keep Babies with Moms Suffering from Postpartum Depression

Keep Babies with Moms Suffering from Postpartum Depression

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Joy Burkhard
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Up to 1 in 5 women will suffer from a maternal mental health disorder, like postpartum depression, the most common complication of pregnancy, yet most are never screened, diagnosed or treated.  When moms finally speak up, doctors should listen and provide treatment not call child protective services and have their babies taken away from them. 

It's critical doctors, nurses, child protective services and judges receive training in the range of disorders and symptoms so they know when a mother is at risk of harming herself and/or her baby (with postpartum psychosis), and when she is not (with postpartum intrusive thoughts/anxiety). 

This knowledge should be tested for by medical/nursing boards before doctors/nurses receive/renew their licenses.  

Child protective services and judges should also be trained in every state before being able to hear a case involving a potential maternal mental health disorder. 

Ob/Gyns should be screening mothers routinely for these disorders and educating their patients about the range of symptoms including the possibility of unwanted thoughts, patients shouldn't be educating their doctors! 

Babies belong with their moms, and moms deserve help.