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American Civilian Contractors Should be Included in those who sacrifice in the Wars

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     As Americans, we all feel a sense of patriotism when it comes to our great country. The men and women who chose to go to Iraq and Afghanistan in a civilian capacity to serve our country are NOT included in the numbers when they tally the numbers of Deaths and Injured. Why should they be excluded?

     When a civilian contractor is killed or injured the American people are paying the bill. Survivor benefits, worker's compensation, funeral expenses, medical expenses, etc. are all paid for by the American people. While the multi-billion dollar private military companies like (DynCorp, KBR, Xe, etc.) sit back and continue to reap the benefits of the continued international conflicts.

     War proponents benefit from the massive contractor presence because it permits them to suggest that our military presence is smaller than what is actually required.  To the extent that the American public cares about military fatalities, the human cost of our efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan appear much smaller than it would if we didn't rely so heavily on contractors. If we're going to tally the human cost of our efforts, the public deserves a full accounting.

     According to the Department of Labor between 9/1/2001 and 6/30/2012 the number of deaths of civilian contractors exceeds 3066. Injured Contractors are over 83,286.

If you know a civilian contractor who is currently employed, has been injured, has been killed please SIGN OUR PETITION. Although many of these men and women who chose to serve our country in the civilian capacity are retired military personnel, they receive no acknowledgement of their sacrifices when they are injured or killed.

     It is a Dishonor and Unpatriotic for these men and women who have served our country to not be acknowledged and appropriately memorialized. Instead our Government wants to hide these brave men and women and EXCLUDE these losses in the numbers of Americans who have sacrificed. This has to change...

"A man who is good enough to shed his blood for the country is good enough to be given a square deal afterwards." ~ Theodore Roosevelt




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