Repeal Section 50-a of the NYS Human Rights Law & Allow Prosecution of Officers Who Commit

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For many years Section 50-a of the NYS Human Rights law has systematically allowed law enforcement officers to wreak havoc in the lives of everyday American citizens without prosecution, or with a mere slap on the wrist. 

As such, some very corrupt law enforcement officers use this law that enables them to commit crimes, execute vigilantism, and systematically destroy lives, to get away with various crimes.  We allow this system to perpetuate because Section 50-a of the NYS Human Rights law enables secrecy, and what is kept in the dark often goes unpunished. 

We have seen time and time again that these crimes are not victimless crimes and the black population are 99.9% the subject of criminal behaviors executed by law enforcement officers.  Speaking from the stance of a black American citizen who has been targeted from the moment we bought a house in a predominantly white neighborhood.  I have had my home vandalized, I have been stalked, and each time I leave my home, someone let's themself into my home unlawfully.  Every report I have made has been swept under the rug, and often ridiculed, so the lawlessness perpetuates. 

I am making an appeal because I know I am not alone in my experience and I would like to bring these misconduct from the shadow of darkness into the light.

Law enforcement officers should exhibit the highest standard of integrity.  With the current administration at the helm, crimes committed by law enforcement officers have grown to an all time high with a blatant disregard for the Constitutional, Human and Civil Rights of the black population. As a result, the relationship between law enforcement and the black population has grown more belligerent.  We need to keep this in check and send the message that criminal acts committed by law enforcement officers will no longer be held in secret.

By repealing Section-50a of the NYS Human Rights law, more law enforcement officers will be deterred from using the sophisticated equipments at their disposal to unlawfully target and inflict crimes on all Americans, especially people of color.

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