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Bring Muslims back home

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Days ago, supreme courts ruled against Donald Trump's muslim ban. Now, he is drafting a whole new ban, one which could stop more people from coming home to their families. 

 Imagine, you are a kid, whose father was away on buisness, a father which was a hard working American who migrated to the US to avoid persecution back home, imagine you are this kid who is being told by your mother that Dad won't come home. This isn't the dream America, where we all are free. 

Even some with green cards are being heavily screened or unable to come back home, just because of their nationality. 

The refugees from the banned nationalities are harmless. In fact, they haven't even commited a terrorist attack in 40 years.


This ban is hurting our economy, Muslim workers can't do their jobs because they can't go back to their homes.

This ban is extremely discriminatory towards Muslims and doesn't help trying to make friends with countries we feud with. 

In conclusion, this ban prevents people from coming back home to their jobs, friends, and family. This petition is bad for economy, it is discriminatory as it judges people by their ethnicity, banning them, even though these people have done nothing wrong, and, it is based of off the false idea that most people coming from these countries seek to do us harm, which is completly false.  Please sign my petition, and together, we bring Muslims back home to their families. 

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