Draft Retired General James Mattis for President in 2020

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James Mattis is a retired 4-star Marine General and former Secretary of Defense. For the past several years, Mr. Mattis has warned Americans about losing their civility and virtues in politics.

God put Mr. Mattis on earth for this moment. He is not partisan. He is not tribal. And nobody can question his patriotism. He has dedicated his life to the service our country and us, and now we and our country need his help more than ever.

In a recent article, Mr. Mattis diagnosed that our country is sick. He can heal it. He needs to do his final and greatest act of patriotism.

James Mattis is the President that the United States needs and deserves. He is respected across the aisle, among Americans, and in the world. Our friends in the world respect him, and our enemies fear him.

As Americans, we should do our part to convince him to make this one last sacrifice for our country. Sign this petition to convince him.