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I may be mistaken, but I think that the American Tax Dollars have paid to build and furnish all of the buildings that the US Government uses. Now if I am correct, that means that WE the American Citizens own these buildings and furnishings. It is also the American Citizens tax money that pays the salaries of the over 500 thousand people working for the US Government. I think it's time we started c...harging Rent on these buildings with a penalty to be applied according to how long these buildings have been occupied. Also the furnishings of these buildings should be audited and inventoried to insure that we have all that we have paid for. After all there has been a lot of people moving in and out of these buildings over the years, and who is to say that when they left, they only took what belonged to them. If the Rent isn't paid in a timely manner, eviction proceedings should begin against whatever resident is in such building. Rent should be charged according to the local market rent for rental space, utilities not included, and an annual increase based on the CPI index or 3 per cent, whichever is the higher of the two. What do you think folks. This money could be put into programs to bring our Country back to the #1 country in the world, instead of the laughing stock it has become. Oh and also, the salaries of the people working for the government would be adjusted to be inline with the local wages of where ever they are working and they should be in the same health care and social security program that the rest of the working people are in.

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