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The refunding of BTC-E users money and coins

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Since 2011 the stock exchange named BTC-E has been operating as one of the world's largest and most widely used digital currency exchanges. On 25 July 2017 it was closed by the US government because of the fact, that Alexander Vinnik, one of its users, is suspected of money laundering. Vinnick was detained in Greece, and now he is under investigation. Also BTC-E itself is accused of money laundering and cooperation with darknet.
We need to make you know, that a great amoun of usual honest people from all over the globe was also using BTC-E for making their business on digital currency exchanges. Over 1 million accounts were created on BTC-E website, and hundreds of thousands of honest people became the victims of these circumstances. They placed their legal money on BTC-E accounts for trading, and now they have lost all they had, and their total loss is estimated at millions of dollars or probably more.
All of these usual people were not informed about any individual plans of some criminals, which were using BTC-E for money laundering. Moreover, even if BTC-E itself was also involved in criminal activities or violated some US laws, the usual honest people must not suffer from this investigation, and nobody has the right to arrest their legal money.
We demand to return all the funds to honest users of the BTC-E exchange, and therefore we ask you to create the a mechanism of such refunding and to protect the rights of honest people!

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