Fibromyalgia,The Invisible Illness Revealed! Does Your Doctor Inform You Of New Research?

Fibromyalgia,The Invisible Illness Revealed! Does Your Doctor Inform You Of New Research?

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Fibromyalgia, The Invisible Illness...Revealed started this petition to American Board of Internal Medicine


Fibromyalgia Reality:  The Need for Change

     Over 6% of the world's population has been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. That does not sound like a great number of patients when written that way. But when it is written as there are over 10 million diagnosed cases in America alone add on the rest of the world, the undiagnosed, the misdiagnosed and that is a huge number of individual people who needlessly suffer daily including my 15-year-old daughter, myself, my mother, aunt, sister-in-law, 3 cousins, and 30 friends. Sounds like a connection to me along with the 48 patients who have written chapters explaining their journey with Fibromyalgia in our upcoming book," Fibromyalgia, The Invisible Illness Revealed.' Our featured doctor has proven the disease and even a way to diagnose it with a blood test. Why do our doctors still act like this is not a true chronic illness, tell us it does not really hurt, that our pain is manifested in our thought process. Our pain is real and proven, why do we as a patient have to hunt for our own treatment plans after leaving the specialty office and giving them an estimated $500.00 per visit to tell us we are crazy when we can prove different.

Suggested Solution and How It Would Help:

    The answer would be as simple as The American Board of Internal Medicine, the Specialty Boards, and the organizations that accredit doctors in all countries requiring our doctors, specialist, and nurses to be re-educated as the works of researchers prove new development in any disease, treatment, etiology, and updated on any change made to the standard of care for that disease.

    We know our doctors are very busy and push themselves daily, facing some of the same issues as we see in the nurse/patient ratio. If all doctors were required to complete credit hours adapted to the proven works and the Reconstructed Standard of Care based our medical researches in order to treat patients that their diagnosis fall into those advances All doctors would have the same knowledge and skills to treat the patient according to the improvement of the proven, FDA approved treatments instead of their outdated treatment plans. A lot of doctors do follow the advancement in research and treat their patients accordingly but there are just as many who do not and continue to treat these patients based on their outdated knowledge and personal opinions as if this disease does not exist and leave the patient wondering where to turn next for help and treatment.

How The Change Would Benefit Millions

    If we had equality in our treatment options patients would not have to go from doctor to doctor to try to find one that will take them seriously giving them the scheduled 30 minutes of the office visit that the patient or insurance company is paying them for, to discuss their options, and form a plan of care for that "individual" patient, as no two will present the same. Although we as patients are all different, a comparison of the patients will unveil that so many symptoms and conditions are shared among us. The patient may just not understand how to explain their symptoms and not sound like someone who needs a mental health assessment or someone seeking pain relief through opioids because all fibromyalgia patients do have a common denominator, and that is widespread pain. There are over 200 symptoms reported to be associated with fibromyalgia, do you not think that is embarrassing for us to come into your office and report all of ours to you.

   It sounds unbelievable to us so how do we communicate that with our doctors when the majority of doctors have made us feel like we will not be taken seriously anyway. This is why our doctors and medical professionals must be required to become educated and practice according to these new developments that could improve not only the lives of their patients but the lives of the patients family, friends, and especially their children as their lives, social status, and mental health are altered right along with ours. We feel guilty enough that this may have been passed on to them, but because of our illness, they don't get to experience some of the things as their peers. Resulting in them feeling inferior as the patient does.

A Nurses Perspective:

    Being a nonactive nurse, thanks to my fibromyalgia, I understand how hard it can be to care for each patient on an overbooked schedule and still provide the best quality of care that all medical professionals took an oath to do for every patient. We need to remember our oath and if it means hiring on a Nurse Practioner or another doctor to carry some of the caseloads we must recognize that in order to uphold our commitment to our oath.

A Patient Perspective:

    From being a patient of Fibromyalgia, and still searching with my doctor for a treatment plan that works for me, I understand the frustrations a patient deals with not being able to find anything that works and having to continue our day to day lives with this debilitating disease while watching my daughter struggle just to achieve her high school education.

We Need Your Help;

I am asking everyone to sign this petition and make our voice stronger while advocating for Fibromyalgia patients worldwide who have been disregarded by doctors, not informed of the new diagnostic tools, made to feel inferior and question your own mental status when you are told the disease is not real, that it is all in your head, if you have been turned down as a patient when you tell them you have Fibromyalgia. If you are a caregiver, family member, friend, an acquaintance, or anyone who has witnessed a Fibromyalgia patient suffer due to the lack of knowledge of the disease, the unwillingness of a doctor to look into the new research that could possibly be a treatment option or maybe just confirmation that you can prove you do have Fibromyalgia to all the people who said you were crazy, wanted attention, lazy, or any other hurtful things we deal with every day.


Tina Shanks Greene, Administrator, Fibromyalgia, The Invisible Illness Revealed

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