Union for Orthodontic Assistants

Union for Orthodontic Assistants

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Started by D. Ortho

We all deserve to be treated with dignity at work and to be fairly compensated for our skills and qualifications. After investing considerable time and money in training and accreditation, Orthodontic Assistants are right to expect a working environment that is safe, professional and fosters secure careers. Unfortunately, all too often many Ortho practices are plagued by inadequate pay, irregular raises (if any)and benefits, unsafe conditions and broken equipment, and a lack of respect for the hard work and dedication of Orthodontic Assistants.

Orthodontic assisting is female dominated I can't help but wonder if it were a male dominated field would pay would be higher?  We love our CAREER choice maybe with representation we can be heard and understood. 

Paid sick days and personal days
Regular wage increases for all employees
Better health benefits for you and your family
Fair and consistent scheduling and overtime pay.                                                         Company investment options.                 Legal representation at the labor board
Job security and recognition of service and experience.
Grievance procedure to ensure fair treatment, dignity and respect.
Personal leaves of absence for career and educational opportunities
On-line courses and post-secondary scholarships for you and your family
Protection from unfair discipline, termination or alteration of working conditions. 

7 have signed. Let’s get to 10!