Get AAAS to challenge US sanctions that violate basic principles of free enquiry

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United States Congress has imposed sanctions on Iran that include forbidding academic journals from publishing the work of Iranian scholars. The international scientific publishing group, Taylor and Francis, has rejected papers that had been accepted for publication citing American sanctions as a reason.   

(1) We believe that maintaining the autonomy of scholarly institutions is a necessary precondition both for the advancement of science and for the reproduction of an open society.

(2) We believe that such sanctions violate elementary principles of free enquiry and are inconsistent with the autonomy of our academic institutions.

(3) As the most prestigious free institution committed to the advancement of science, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) has a special responsibility to resist such violations.

(4) We therefore petition AAAS to formally declare its support for the right of academic journals to make publishing decisions without regard to the nationality of scholars and to challenge the legality of sanctions that are inconsistent with this right in an American court of law. 

We are trying to collect as many signatures as possible ahead of the next annual meeting of AAAS on February 14, 2019. Our goal is to get the AAAS to formally declare its support for the right of academic journals to make publishing decisions without regard to the nationality of scholars at that meeting. 

Please sign the petition and share it widely. Thanks for your support. Below you can find the text of the letter received by an Iranian scientist from Taylor and Francis. 

«Thank you for your submission to Dynamical Systems.

As a result of our compliance with laws and regulations applied by the UK, US, European Union, and United Nations jurisdictions with respect to countries subject to trade restrictions, it is not possible for us to publish any manuscript authored by researchers based in a country subject to sanction (in this case Iran) in certain cases where restrictions are applied. Following internal sanctions process checks the above referenced manuscript has been identified as falling into this category. Therefore, due to mandatory compliance and regulation instructions, we regret that we unable to proceed with the processing of your paper.

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Should you wish to submit your work to another publication you are free to do so and we wish you every success.

Yours faithfully,


Sent on behalf of Dynamical Systems

Justin Robinson

Managing Editor | Taylor & Francis | Routledge Journals

Mathematics | Statistics | History of Science | Science, Technology & Society

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