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Tell American Apparel to restore fair working conditions and stop intimidating workers.

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Until recently, clothing store American Apparel had a great record of providing good, stable manufacturing jobs right here in the United States -- but the new owners who took control of the company a few months ago are treating workers very differently, and not well. They've slashed hours, and when workers like me got together to talk about these changes, they had security guards intimidate us and started a whisper campaign to threaten our jobs.

American Apparel still claims to treat their employees well, but if you visited one of their factories, you’d see a different story. Sign my petition to tell American Apparel to stop intimidating workers, and restore our hours.

These days, I find out on Tuesday night whether or not I will work on Wednesday. Each month, we are forced to take an entire week off without work and pay. Many of us are suddenly struggling to make rent, or pay for basic necessities for our children. We’ve even received reports that older workers are being threatened with termination because of their age.

I have four daughters and a granddaughter who depend on me financially, and between the suddenly unpredictable work schedule, and the intimidation and threats to my job, I’m worried about how I’m going to take care of them.

On their website, the company brags that they “guarantee job security and full-time employment” to their workers. But until they begin treating us fairly again, that claim is a lie.

The only way we’re going to be able to get American Apparel to respect their workers again and restore our working conditions is to make them see that the public won’t accept these changes to how workers are treated.

Sign our petition to tell American Apparel to stop intimidating workers, and to restore the conditions that, until recently, made them a model employer.

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