Require Salary Ranges on Museum Job Boards

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We want to thank the below museum associations for being dedicated to transparency in salary compensation for museum workers. They truly are leading by example and working towards equity and accountability in museums!

Michigan Museums Association
Ohio Museums Association
Mid-Atlantic Association of Museums (MAAM)
American Association for State and Local History
Missouri Association for Museums and Archives
National Association for Interpretation
Museums Association of Montana
Maine Archives and Museums
Small Museum Association
Museum Association of Arizona
Greater Hudson Heritage Network
New Mexico Museums
Mountain-Plains Museums Association

We also want to thank these museum associations for adding language to their job sites to strongly encourage salary information:

Pennsylvania Federation of Museums and Historical Organizations
Southeastern Museums Conference-SEMC
Virginia Association of Museums
Association of South Dakota Museums
Utah Museums Association

I would also like to add a personal thank you to Museum Hack for joining us in this effort. They reached out to me very early in our campaign to share their solidarity with our efforts. Additional thanks to Nonprofit AF and POW! (Paul Orselli Workshop, Inc.) for helping spread our message!

National Emerging Museum Professionals Network
3 years ago