Tell American Airlines to stop outsourcing flight attendants jobs.

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For nearly 30 years now, American Airlines has been outsourcing about 500 flight attendant jobs to foreign nationals who are based, reside and pay taxes in foreign countries. They fly routes to/from Miami and take away jobs from taxpaying US Citizens. These jobs could and SHOULD be done by US Citizens. Thanks to the CARES Act, airline jobs in the US are protected until September, 30th, 2020. After that there will probably be massive furloughs and lay offs, in which case US based flight attendants will be furloughed first and foreign based flight attendants will get to keep their jobs as it has happened before during other periods of crisis. American Airlines has received $5.8 billion in payroll support from the US Treasury and should use that money to protect US Citizen's jobs. We must hold American Airlines accountable for receiving federal aid and we must demand that the airline prioritizes saving jobs in the United States of America and not in foreign countries. Remember, we are talking about jobs that can be and should be done by US Citizens. Please sign and share this petition and send a clear message to American Airlines that it is not okay to use our taxpayer money to save jobs that belong to Americans.