Fire & prosecute flight attendant/domestic threat Alaina Trocano!

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The unfortunate events that transpired in our nation on January 6th, 2021 rocked the foundation of our democracy. As such, it is also our duty to hold those involved in any way, shape or form ACCOUNTABLE for their actions.

There have been many complaints filed via social media and emails to American Airlines about one of their flight attendants who has decided to use her platforms to spread hate and misinformation. No response was given outside of lip service on Twitter, but Alaina Trocano decided to use her company-provided flight benefits to travel up to Washington, D.C. the day before the attacks and has posted many messages that not only promote division, but also goes against the social media policy she signed with American Airlines that prevents the posting of content that would harm the image of said company.

Trocano also posted comments such as, "Seriously! Rittenhouse was the JV team. Wait till Varsity shows up," which clearly promotes a hateful agenda. While she has been quick to delete many of her social media accounts as soon as word gets out, we are hopeful that this petition will hold her responsible for her actions and she will never be able to spread her rhetoric in a professional environment such as the airline industry ever again.

We ask that Alaina Trocano is not only removed from her employment with American Airlines, but that she is also held accountable by justice from our federal government & transportation sectors. She is a clear threat to air travel as she uses her position to fly to our nation's capitol to assist in acts of domestic terrorism and has created a hostile work environment for her colleagues and customers of color who have felt hurt & threatened by her words of hatred. This is not only about one person's job. This is about sending a message to all of those who promote & participate in hate that there is no room in the work place, especially in aviation, for them.