We are asking Airlines to fly separated children back to their parents without profiting

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Dear Airlines,

we are petitioning you to firstly applaud your public statement that you will not profit from the separation of children and babies from their parents at the US border and to ask for you to take this one step further. Fly the children home for free so that their parents do not have to pay for the cost of flights to return their children back to them, along with the ticket for the escort. 

The courts recently ruled that all children must be reunited with their parents within 15 days, if under 5 and within 30 days, if older than 5. July 11th and July 26th mark these two dates. 

There appears to be no plan in place to reunite these families and when families are in a position to try, numerous obstacles need to be overcome. 
--Insisting that parents ("sponsors") and all persons in the same household get fingerprinted by ICE at designated places and times. 
--Requiring parents to pay fees and expenses for reunification (which can total thousands of dollars) 
--Refusing to reunify families while parents remain in detention
--Denying bond for some asylum seekers (very unusual move)--Requiring parents to demonstrate that they can financially support their children.

Parents of separated children are being psychologically brutalized. Credible reports indicate they've been told they will never see their children again and that their children have been told the same. Worse, some children have been told that their parents abandoned them. In some cases, breastfeeding infants have been separated from their mothers. Time is very much of the essence. 

At one facility, over half the parents interviewed failed their credible fear interviews because they are so distraught they can't function or respond to questions about their asylum cases. They will be put into removal proceedings. We don't know whether they'll be reunified with their children before leaving the country.

In cases where all the insurmountable obstacles have been overcome, grief stricken parents are then asked to foot the cost of flying their children and an escort back to them. In some cases, this amounts to thousands. 

This conduct passes the bounds of human decency. No matter anybody’s political persuasion, everyone is in agreement that children and parents should never be separated unless in danger or suffering from neglect or abuse. It has been stated that these separations amount to torture and every day apart increases the long term and short term damage to children’s physical and emotional health. 

We ask you to stand by your promise to not profit from the separation of these children and to fly the children home for free.