American Airlines & Delta: Stop Sweatshop Conditions for Your Subcontracted Workers!

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An explosive CBS Miami report recently exposed inhumane and dangerous working conditions for airport workers employed by Eulen America, a multi billion dollar contractor that services American Airlines and Delta in major airports like MIA, JFK, and DCA. These include:

• Cabin cleaners riding in roach infested trucks that carry supplies for passengers. One worker says she wraps her purse in plastic, so the roaches don’t get in.
• Ramp workers driving trucks on the tarmac next to planes, with brakes that don’t work, missing seatbelts, and broken windshield wipers.
• Working back to back flights in the hot Florida sun, with no breaks to drink water or eat a meal.
• Understaffed ramp agents that pop painkillers so they can lift hundreds of bags in a day.

When these workers have tried to speak out, Eulen America has lashed back with threats and retaliation, including docking one worker’s pay a dollar an hour.

Eulen airport workers make American and Delta airlines run! They deserve better! Sign this petition to tell American Airlines CEO Doug Parker to fire Eulen America at MIA and all airports that Eulen services, and hire a responsible subcontractor.