Airlines: We want you to INVEST in new tech and clean fuel that DON'T emit greenhouse gas

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Maya Lilly
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We are demanding that airlines make their carbon emissions a priority for all current and future spending, investing in clean tech and clean fuel immediately.

By 2050, aviation could take up a quarter of the world’s carbon budget, or the amount of carbon dioxide emissions permitted to keep global temperature rise to within 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre industrial levels.

These emissions simply cannot be released without facing the worst ramifications of the climate crisis with increased size and frequency of natural disasters, drought, heatwaves, wildfires, and flooding.

That means: As an industry, you MUST invest in new technologies (like electric planes) and new fuel (like biofuels) that DO NOT emit greenhouse gases like C02. Carbon offsets are controversial and simply not doing enough.

We consumers are watching you, and we will put our money to the airlines that are going green at the fastest rate.

Your planes are going to have to find alternatives if you are survive... and more importantly, if WE are to survive. Might as well do it now with our consumer dollars.