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America Take Back our Privacy from Corporate News and T.V. Ad Industries...

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This petition is important because of the 4 stops below; and because I believe America has a severely degraded competitive environment via mass media's progressive [consolidation of powers]. Anytime media becomes monopolized, as it is now, then the increased likelihood of civil rights and civil liberty violations becomes more of a profound social issue. Some executives of these organizations may be willing to do just about anything to continue consolidating their organization’s powers. More and more of America's most important voices are being silenced and dismantled through bribes and other forms of illicit activities. Those voices are the voices that are: "of the people, by the people and for the people." See this article where 50 corporations who controlled the media in 1983 have dwindled down to 5 major players today. 


1. Stop the corruption and intimidation activities; by leveraging baseless facts, illegitimate probes are carried out to destroy the personal lives of American citizens, or its legal residents, who may be considered your immortal enemies, whereas such probes might be aired as investigative journalism, or put into deceptive commercial TV ads -- or in extreme cases manufactured news stories, as in how one former Fox News employee puts it, "stuff is just made up."

2. Stop attempting to vigorously control America's daily talking points, as you do not speak for many Americans. Instead allow more ordinary Americans and its legal residents an opportunity to voice their own opinions; concerning diverse topics, and without having edited their comments to fulfill self-indulging narratives.

3. Stop preying on Americans unfortunate circumstances, then pitting them against one another just to engender a mass audience; the trumped-up stories you've drawn from such adversity and despair -- [YOU KNOW] -- are not as important to your organizations as would be any ratings or bottom lines. Make your endeavors to assist the less fortunate, a genuine one, deeply rooted in your Journalist's Creed, which can be located here, a courtesy of Wiki.

4. Stop the targeted TV advertisement as alluded to in this New York Times article. This kind of advertisement is an overt invasion of privacy, mainly due to the fact that cable TV advertisers, without one's consent, are tracking consumer buying habits and then pairing the information with physical addresses. Once the information is aggregated, then advertisements are piped into individual homes via cable television. Not only does this practice raises concerns about privacy invasion in America, but is often viewed as unethical across our nation's vast business landscape. Essentially, consumers' personal data can be sold for "pennies on the dollar." Through many private and public mediums alike, targeted TV advertisement is an immoral and selfish proposition fueled by rampant gluttony, whereas the FCC and U.S. Congress should intervene and end these vile intrusions; furthermore, it is believed that these types of intrusive technological algorithms can be used for more creepy activities, for example: cable TV service providers and collaborators, could target adversaries in their homes, or other private domains by directing bullying ads to their TV sets. These deployments may not be as overt as negative ads during political campaigns -- however, there could be instances whereas subliminal messages are used in the context of targeting adversaries so as to induce some level of mental distress.

Top 10 Cable Servce/TV Ads Providers as of 2012 (largest to smallest):

1. Comcast

2. Time Warner Cable

3. Cox Communications

4. Verizon FiOS

5. AT&T U-verse

6. Charter Communications

7. Cablevision

8. Bright House Networks

9. Suddenlink Communications

10. Mediacom

Cable Service Providers' List Source: Wiki

Relative Notes:

A CIN Study that the Obama Administration proposed was a great way to sort of examine how mainstream news media gather information and distribute it to the public; but the industry and its lobbyists, pundits and government haters appeared to have backed the Administration into a corner, and as a result it gave into the pressures. Here's a video wherein a Fox commentator [Professor John Watson] believes the only thing the government should be doing in a news room is [delivering coffee]; think about that -- coming from a professor. Smh...

Ancillary / Related Information:

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Also see my petition aimed at rallying America and its legal residents around the idea of blocking selected TV ads. The petition would urge the U.S. Congress' Science, Space and Technology Committee, as well as the FCC to collaborate on mandating laws where TV ad-blocking technology is made widely available to U.S. customers. See the petition here.

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