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I am disgusted to think that a mosque is being supported by our President to be built near ground zero. On 9/11, American's joined together as patriots of a country we are proud to call home. Today that same feeling was felt around the world.

We would like to propose that a non-denominational structure be build that would welcome people of all faiths to worship together. This is not about Islam this is about American's and our various belief systems. While we understand that not all of Islam caused 9/11; the building of this mosque is an insult to the people that lost their lives and loved ones. This issue is so emotional that American's will not support the building of a mosque in this location. The potential for violence in this location due to American's wishes being ignored is a frightening thought.

I am Jewish. Do you think I would be welcomed at a mosque? No. Would a Christian? Most likely not. We need a structure to bring American's back together not create a divisive move that supercedes the partisanship we have seen during this particular administration.

Please sign this petition if you feel as strongly as I do, and my friends do, that building a mosque is highly inappropriate at that location in NYC. Let us raise our voices, as there is power in numbers, and let this administration know that "we the people" will not condone the building of a mosque. If a house of worship is built it should be one that opens it's doors to all Americans; not just one religion. Let us be united and not divided by this very serious proposal.

I do not support the building of a mosque at ground zero. Let these words be heard around the world and let American's unite in creating something better and more healthy for a nation vastly divided on 9/11/10.


Letter to
President of the United States
I am writing this letter today to express my feelings of dismay at the thought of a mosque being built in Manhattan near ground zero. In no way will this make relations better between the Islamic community and the multitude of other belief systems throughout the United States.

This move will potentially create great opposition and there is no assurance that the building of this mosque will create violence at a place in our country that should be all about peace and unity. "We the People" don't want this mosque and we are being ignored. Thus, "We the People" of the United States of America offer this alternative; which is to build a house of non-denominational worship where all can come together as one, individually, and learn respect and tolerance for all religions by taking this measure.

America is already greatly opposed to this "insult" being forced upon it's citizens. And, to ignore a non-denominational option will only bring further discord to a struggling administration. If our President wants America's support he must listen to his constituents, the citizens of the United States of America! If we are not listened to then our constitutional rights are being ignored in favor of another agenda.

We will stand for nothing less than a non-denominational structure which will promote peace and unity in America.

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