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Bring back Spencer Horsman as a Wildcard

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Spencer Horsman was a contestant in the top 48 of America's Got Talent. He's a wonderfully talented escape artist who was sent home on week 3 of the Quarter Finals. I don't feel that this was a fair assesment of his talent and abilities, he should have advanced on to the semi-finals.

During his performance this week he attempted an 'illusion/escape'. He was placed in a steel straight jacket, padlocked in to a bank bag and then lifted 15 feet in the air on a platform above a bed of spikes. He had 45 seconds to escape before the bottom of the platform fell out and he dropped to the spikes below.

This act was very reliant on the technology to work and everything to time out just perfectly for the maximum effect. If you watch the clip back, you can tell that the technology failed him, the scrim covering him came down too soon, obscuring the whole trick from the very beginning and the bottom of the platform dropped too soon, a solid 12 seconds too soon. Both things combined together to bring the drama factor way up if all had gone off correctly, but when they didn't the effect was brought way down.

In my opinion, this was no fault of Spencers and takes nothing away from his talent and abilities and that's why I think he deserves to be brought back as a wildcard and why you should sign this petition to help this happen.

Just as I would never ask anyone to vote blindly for someone based soley on my say-so, I don't ask you to sign this blindly, posted below please find links to his three performances on the show so you can see how wonderful he is for yourselves:

First audition in St. Louis:

Vegas audition:

Quarter Final Live Show:

As you can see from these clips, a good portion of his act is timing, he's fantastically talented but the timing is what puts you on the edge of your seat, the timing was off in the live show and it wasn't his fault.

Please sign.

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