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America’s Future is Riding on Public Transportation: Voice Your Support

Whether you ride or not, public transportation benefits all of us.

It reduces pollution, eases traffic congestion, supports jobs, and helps our communities thrive. In cities, suburbs, and small towns, U.S. public transit also provides vital connections to jobs, education, medical care, and community services for people who might otherwise not have access.

For our economy, our environment, and our growing population, we need to invest more in America’s public transit infrastructure. Please sign our petition to voice your support for expanding and improving American public transportation.

Yes, I am a Voice for Public Transit!

Public transportation is a crucial piece of America’s transportation system. Public transit benefits everyone—even people who don’t ride. Affordable, reliable public transportation:

- Connects people to jobs, education, and other community services
- Creates opportunities for people who might not otherwise have them
- Reduces air pollution
- Eases traffic congestion
- Boosts overall economic growth

Expanding our public transit infrastructure will enhance our entire transportation system and improve our quality of life. Citizens who ride will have more options for reaching work, school, medical care, shopping, activities, and other services, and everyone will reap the benefits of increased local economic activity, reduced congestion, and improved local travel experiences.

America’s future is riding on public transportation, and I support investments in public transportation that will improve and expand transit systems across our nation.