Demand Reparations for African Americans

Demand Reparations for African Americans

June 2, 2020
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Started by Hathor El

Dear America ,

African Americans want our reparations. Currently there has been a bill proposed by Sen. Corey Booker, the bill is called H.R. 40.
I’m sure the government has heard of it and knows why we deserve the bill to be passed.

Countless of our people are dying at the hands of Police brutality. Abusive treatment has been in a repetitive loop since the beginning of slavery. Most African Americans would agree that very little has changed. The shackles of slavery is off but the invisible chains remain.

Now the world has a spotlight on America. How will you make things right to a nation of ppl you continually try to destroy? Countries with less money than America have paid reparations to their victims.

America has paid reparations to Japanese Americans and Native Americans. The Jews received reparations for the Holocaust. Are we not equal to Native Americans? Is not our plight the same as the Japanese that were bombed?
Is not our pain and hurt equal to the Holocaust Survivors? Many in power have avoided the subject and feel like we don’t deserve it. We haven’t been afforded what we deserve because we are VICTIMS of discrimination. We are subject to the prejudices of the American government.
In your constitution we are still consider animals, not humans with a soul. This shows that there is a PREJUDICE against African Americans and it needs to STOP!

We deserve an enormous apology through compensation, to better our communities, strengthen our families’ legacies , keep us from extinction, build our own homes, be on the same level as other races financially , and so much more. America can reconcile its past by giving us what has been long overdue: reparations.
We want our reparations and all races upon this Earth know we deserve it!

We are fed up! Make your extreme cruelty to our people right!

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Signatures: 1,315Next Goal: 1,500
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