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November 11, 2013

. AMERICA: Free Roger Shuler.  

The time has come for Americans to support  freedom of the press.  Not just the hot-dog and fire-alarm news, but those few truly investigative reporters who are sounding the alarm against Government gone mad.

The First Amendment is the law of the land. It states:

"Congress shall make no law... abridging the freedom of speech, or of  the press."  

Anyone who speaks is capable of exercising freedom of speech and claiming that right.

Anyone who publishes anything in any form is also entitled to claim the right to freedom of the press.  

Of course, we understand that libel is actionable, as a pre-existing condition in the context of which the First Amendment was created.  However, that is not what is at issue in the case of Roger Shuler; and those who invoke libel in the context of censorship of press reports of any type which are aimed at official wrongdoing are way off base, and attempting to deliberately confuse the public.

The jailing of Roger Shuler and the threats against his wife,Carol Shuler, are First Amendment violations committed under  color of authority in the State of Alabama. What Roger Shuler is doing may be objectionable to some people, but everything he has done falls squarely into the category of politically protected speech.

The history of the First Amendment begins with  the inscription now found on the Liberty Bell: a verse originally inscribed at least 2,535 years ago in Babylon, by Jewish scholars who redacted the Book of Leviticus from earlier records and sacred manuscripts such as the Book of Jasher:

 "....Proclaim Liberty throughout ALL the land, unto ALL the inhabitants thereof..."

Leviticus 25.10 is in the context of the general  issue of nationwide clemency, which is supposed to be granted "in the fiftieth year".  I note that President Obama was born on August 4, 1961 and he is running a few years late in catching the  train of "proclaiming liberty throughout all the land, to all the inhabitants thereof."  

Roger Shuler is listed on the Ancillary List of 37 within the 52-part Pardon and Reprieve.  This list was given to the Hon. US Representative Debbie Wasserman Shultz in its basic form on December 11, 2012. All of the elected officials and every member of the judicial branch have their train tickets in hand - the tickets were in their hands as they were sworn in - the ticket to liberty throughout all the land, called the Constitution.  That ticket was paid for by the blood and sacrifices of veterans from Valley Forge to the Khyber Pass.  Those officials who have refused thus far to use their tickets to catch the liberty train  should either hop on board now, and allow the  conductors to point them to the correct destination - or they should move over and give their engineer's seat to someone else who can do the job that they have refused to do - rather than requiring everyone else to board the "long Train of Abuses and Usurpations."

People of all faiths and all forms of faithlessness can agree, I believe, in the need for liberty throughout all the land, unto all the inhabitants thereof. It is the only sound which today comes from the Liberty Bell.   THE CRACK STOPS THERE.   And it is time for all officials who are sworn to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, to stand up and to affirm the Constitution unequivocally.  It is especially important for the President to live out the true meaning of the Republican Form clause in Article Four, Section Four, which is best summarized in the legendary wooden desk sign given to Harry Truman: THE BUCK STOPS HERE.

And it's time to get on board the Liberty Express now.

Andrew Hamilton ( December 25, 1675 - August 4, 1741) stood for FREEDOM OF THE PRESS.  

He defended JOHN PETER ZENGER in court, traveling from Philadelphia to New York.  Andrew Hamilton represented John Peter Zenger PRO BONO.

QUESTION: Are there any attorneys in the United States brave enough to STAND WITH ROGER AND CAROL SHULER, and to provide their legal services to them at no cost? Any attorneys who answer to this call would be standing in the very footsteps  of Andrew Hamilton - who himself began the planning for what would become known as Independence Hall.

The Sedition Acts, signed into law by President John Adams, were the first serious test of the First Amendment.  And the Sedition Acts were exactly like the prosecution of Roger Shuler, in form and motivation. These bad laws were thrown out as unconstitutional.  When the Sedition Acts were thrown out, the message was, "Let this be a warning to anyone else who would try to trample on the First Amendment."

Apparently, some people didn't get the message or choose to heed it.

President Thomas Jefferson, while President, was the subject of a series of pamphlets printed by a political opponent designed to expose his personal life.  All of Jefferson's advisors urged him to respond to these reports.  And yes, the reports centered on only one topic:  Thomas Jefferson's bedroom history. Jefferson did not utter one word or take one action in response. Think of it:  Not a single word flowed from the most eloquent and inventive pen of his era.  Not a single retaliatory action was taken by the most powerful man in the Western Hemisphere at that time.  This is the American way.  We must not lose our way as a nation.

Thomas Jefferson was a man who agonized over  one of the most brilliant decisions he ever made - the Louisiana Purchase.  He wrote that "I stretched the Constitution until it cracked."  Certainly Jefferson was not going to crack the Constitution until it shattered, by shredding the First Amendment.

Thomas Jefferson's latter day namesake also endured freedom of the press in a way that no other President before him ever had.  When William Jefferson Clinton was President, anxious mothers may have had cause to drag their impressionable children away from the latest news broadcasts about a man whose personal   life was most succinctly described by Andrew Hamilton's latter-day namesake - Nigel Hamilton.  But when Bill Clinton was President, the Constitution was  not shredded on a blatant nationwide basis (although there were a few such cases- which are still waiting for  Presidential action on the 52-part Pardon and Reprieve).

We have seen, and felt the pain of Constitution-shreddings which have moved from the  marginality of the occasional exception toward the center-stage norm, over the past twelve years.  And this new norm is unacceptable in general, and in particular in this egregious Constitution-busting arrest and unlawful detainment of Roger Shuler, as "authorities" are looking for a reason to hold him. But remember, the only AUTHORITY in the United States of America is the Constitution of the United States, and we need to remind all people in positions of public trust of that fact.

Here is what we require in this Petition, and it is what we, the undersigned as well as many who saw this and could not sign due to the NSA blocking of petitions, are asking hereby in terms of restoration of that  Constitution for which so many veterans sacrificed and heroes gave their lives:

1) State government in Alabama - legislatively and otherwise - is asked to do the right thing, and to strictly respect freedom of the press.

2) Moreover, State government in Alabama is asked to look into the allegations of Roger Shuler, and to proceed to investigate where the law mandates investigations of conflicts of interest, wrongful prosecutions, and other matters of Government misfeasance and malfeasance.

3) Both the State and Federal governments, in all capacities in the case of Roger and Carol Shuler, are requested to free Roger Shuler immediately, to drop all charges and civil claims against Roger and Carol Shuler, to compensate for clearly inflicted infringements against Roger and Carol Shuler by an immediate payment of $50,000 emergency restitution and relief granted  without prejudice against any future claims by or payments to Roger and Carol Shuler.

4) The State and Federal Governments are requested to grant immunity to Roger and Carol Shuler as witnesses who merit all the protection all agencies of Government can and will provide, especially with regard to any and all future court summonses and testimony with respect to all future court summonses.

5) The Supreme Court is hereby and inter alia petitioned to convene and conduct an immediate hearing to examine the Constitutionality of the actions against Roger and Carol Shuler which have been perpetrated in Alabama, and to grant Roger and Carol Shuler and any witnesses which they may choose to call on their behalf, immunity in the context of any such hearings or any other context as wide as the writ of the High Court may run.

6) The President of the United States is requested hereby and inter alia to grant an immediate pardon and reprieve and commutation of detainment to Roger Shuler, and to also grant all needed forms of lawful relief available to Carol Shuler,  in the subjunctive style of the Nixon pardon granted by  President Ford; and to grant Federal disaster relief as is best.

7) The international agencies, judicial bodies and NGOs who diligently oversee and monitor human rights are  requested to take this matter into consideration, and to work for the freedom of Roger Shuler and his wife, Carol Tovich Shuler; and generally for the exoneration of everyone listed on the 52-part Pardon and Reprieve and the ancillary List of 37; listed on <>;

8) The American people are asked to overcome the censorship of Government generally, in supporting Shuler Stand 1-A (1-A meaning First Amendment) at <>; and to work to overturn the malicious prosecution against Don Siegelman by joining these two groups and signing the petitions thereon: <>; and  <>;.

9) The American people - WE, the people of the United States who are the GOVERNMENT - are asked to support this effort to restore the Constitution of the United States,with as much diligence as possible, and with the effort commensurate to the task: <>;

10) The American people are also requested to  support the Committee of 37 Peace Initiative efforts to advance innovative measures for world peace and justice which are notable for the way in which they have been repressed and practically boycotted by the press, despite the potential for good: <>; and to make it count to the maximum for Roger Shuler and Carol Shuler by supporting the appointment by the President of a new US Pardon Attorney, who should be none other than Don Siegelman: <>; so that we, the people of the United States can  see, in our own lifetimes, and without further delay, the fulfillment of the words in the Pledge to the Flag for which so many laid down their lives and suffered from the front lines to the local headlines: ONE NATION, UNDER GOD, INDIVISIBLE, WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL.

Scott Davis


Committee of 37 Peace Initiative

PO Box 877 Edgmont, PA  19028-0877


REMEMBER: The First Amendment is important.

It is the sworn obligation of every elected official

and every staffer who works in any office of 

any elected public official, to support, protect

and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Sign and share this petition and support this with vigor, 

in any way you can, to restore freedom in America,

and to reverse the tide against freedom worldwide.