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Congress vote on single actions and topics - no non-compatible amendments

AMENDMENT 28: The Senate and the House shall vote on bills that address a single topic or action and shall not amend or otherwise incorporate actions that are incompatible with the topic or action of such bills.

We live in the 21st century - communication and ability to focus are completely different today and actions our Congress takes needs to align with the future. The old school 200 years of sausage factory needs to end - make the DC rascals work - be transparent and serve the public. Let's get our moneys worth from them and KNOW where they stand, eliminating their ability to get re-elected by hiding behind sauagey, omnibus legislation like a bunch of cowards. If it takes 20 votes a day - that is what they are there to do - and they will be held accountable to get things done rather than blame each other in a blue/red blight where their true differences are insignificant and they use the press to try to emphasize how different they are (not).

Started March 18, 2012

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  • Amendment 28 - End the Sausage Making in DC

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