Amend the New Orleans Parklet Ordinance

Amend the New Orleans Parklet Ordinance

August 11, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Sam Wurth

The City of New Orleans began a Parklet Program to provide outdoor seating that benefits businesses and patrons. Over 30 businesses applied for and received a permit to have a Parklet. Since the start of the program, these parklets have accounted for increased sales, new jobs, and created a protected space for customers to enjoy. 

Unfortunately, a recent Parklet Ordinance passed that would effectively end the parklets for all but a few businesses. The wording in the ordinance needs to be changed to allow exceptions for small businesses located in the neighborhoods, the French Quarter, and the CBD. We ask that those Parklets already erected be allowed to remain, as long as they are in good standing with city inspectors and the surrounding neighbors. 

The City Council of New Orleans has the power to change the language of the ordinance to allow Parklets to stay. 

If Parklets are allowed to stay:

Increased revenue for the city.

New jobs are created.

Safe spaces that protect people from cars while also keeping the sidewalks clear.

If Parklets are removed:

Less revenue for the city.

Small businesses will lose as much as 30% of sales. 

Less people on the street=less safety.

More sidewalk congestion.



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Signatures: 1,200Next Goal: 1,500
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