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Amend the Kansas Anti-Bullying Law: Protect Students from Bullying by School Staff

Did you know that the Kansas Anti-Bullying Law only protects students from bullying by students and not by teachers and other school staff? The law even protects school personnel from bullying by students but does not afford our children—including those with special needs—the same protection from bullying teachers or school personnel.

While it is well-known that bullying by peers is commonplace, bullying by teachers can be even more harmful to children and represents an abuse of power. Studies show that bullying perpetrated by an adult, such as a teacher, can be even more harmful than bullying by a peer, quadrupling the child’s odds of suicidal thinking.[1]

Stop teacher bullying of students in Kansas! We need your support for HB 2222, an amendment to the Kansas Anti-Bullying Statute that provides protection to Kansas schoolchildren from bullying school personnel. As it is currently written, the Kansas anti-bullying law:
· Only protects students from bullying by other students
· Protects school personnel from bullying by students
· Does NOT protect Kansas students from being bullyied by school personnel

We want to change this and provide ALL Kansas schoolchildren—including special education students who are often the target of this kind of bullying—with the protection they need.

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  • Support HB 2222, "Loren's Law", Amending the Kansas Anti-Bullying Law

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