Amend the Constitution so people can live on their own terms within reason without fear!

Amend the Constitution so people can live on their own terms within reason without fear!

November 7, 2021
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Started by Manzeel Ahmed

Section 1   

The federal government is bound to have a minimum wage for all persons lawfully present in the United States and its territories that will be adjusted every 7 years based on statistical data upon the adoption of this amendment. The data will include but not limited therein are Home Insurance, Personal Vehicle Insurance, Utilities, Waste, Mortgage, Tenant Lease Agreements, Public Transportation, Trash Pickup, Homeowners Association, Personal Vehicle Maintenance costs, Purchase and Sales of Goods, Personal Vehicle Lease Agreements, and all forms of tax and duties imposed by any government including but not limited to the federal government in the United States and its territories.  
States may impose their own minimum wage laws not contravening the statute passed by the federal government.  
All employees and their dependents must have complete medical coverage and complete life insurance provided for or financed by the federal government without deduction from the employee’s salary even after retirement by negotiating prices with providers of healthcare programs offered by employers and fully subsidize the aforementioned program and fully insure private health insurance providers and pharmaceutical research and development and have government pension programs for those that are retired.


Note: This would serve a dual purpose of helping ordinary Americans as they would have better healthcare coverage and lower premiums and lift the financial burden of employers providing healthcare to employees (much like a tax cut and allow for more investment and increase GDP and reduce inflation by reducing operating cost).

Also, healthcare and medicine should always be about taking care of the patient first and foremost, not about making the most revenue logistically and mathematically possible.

And it is very important that mothers are able to rest after giving birth and that newborns are able to spend as much time as possible with their parents.


It is also very inhuman to have someone working in a store or a bank for instance to stand for 8 hours a day especially if they are diabetic when a chair can be provided. This is even an established standard in Europe and most First and Third World countries. People even from most developing third world countries cannot even conceive of this inhumanity that occurs here in the United States!


All employees who are pregnant are required to have a paid maternity leave (including the cases of stillbirth, miscarriage, abortion, and untimely passing of a newborn child if the mother is not criminally responsible) of at least three months or one month if there is a labor shortage wherein, they receive their current salary as stipulated and provided for by the employer from the subsidization of the employer from the federal government during that time. If, however, there is no fixed salary stipulated by the employer, the employee is entitled to having all her expenses paid for during her leave by the federal government (Within reasonability). An employer may not deduct wage or demote an employee unless in the case of a voluntary demotion or fault on the part of the employee in his or her work. An employer may not fire a worker unless of a fault in his or her work or Civil or Criminal misconduct on the part of the employee. 


All employers and by extension through the employer their respective employees must be insured so that there is no delay or missed payment of an earned wage or salary or commission (the employees are free of any monetary obligation with regards to this type of insurance). 
All workers must be provided with a chair and a time to take a nap anytime within the workday as specified by the employer in which the employer shuts down for the time being that particular business or department or section or area in order to maintain the public health and wellbeing except if the nature of the work does not allow for either or both accommodations. However, in emergency cases such accommodations shall not be a guarantee or even forfeited as per the nature of the emergency.  
No form of unfair treatment in regard to race, ethnicity, sex, religion, culture, immigration status (legal), residence, nationality, citizenship, language, income, employment, wealth, caste, family, medical issues, physical characteristics, or social status shall be accepted, nor allowed, nor practiced in the workplace or when the employee is at work nor when insuring someone or practicing medicine (including but not limited to access to higher quality treatment) or dealing with a client. 
  All persons who suffer from any disability must be provided necessary and proper service and care regardless of age or other factors used to discriminate against and deny service to the helpless. 


All Emergency room care (including ambulance) must be backed solely by the full faith and credit of the United States government and no one else shall be held financially liable. This service must be offered all throughout the United States and territories 24/7 with no exception unless if the government is unable to do its duty due to being unable to tame civil unrest or siege in any territory.


The United States shall always make sure that medicine and vaccines are able to be mass produced by private enterprises ethically however any pre-existing medicine or vaccine shall be subject to maximum price mandates by an appropriate federal agency that shall be tasked with thoroughly researching the drug's or vaccine's production costs and the supply and demand for and the affordability of the drug or vaccine by the American people on which it shall base its decision. 


There shall be no discrimination on the taxation rate and economic opportunities on the basis of incorporation, race, ethnicity, sex, religion, culture, immigration status (legal), residence, nationality, citizenship, language, income, employment, wealth, caste, family, medical issues, physical characteristics, or social status.


Note: This would immediately solve the problem of how organizations, institutions, and companies pay a different (lower) tax rate than the everyday (unincorporated) American. This is a way to make sure that everyone is paying the same tax rate (hopefully lower as the United States can get by with the wealthiest paying 25% in profits (most income that funds the United States comes from the wealthiest as they have the most money who also pay a lower tax rate)).


Under no circumstances shall lawmakers, jurors, attorneys, judges, council members, mayors, cabinet members, leadership of executive branch departments, the speaker, lieutenant governor, governor, vice-president, nor the president shall take measures to make income or profit from companies or organizations or institutions whose fortunes are being determined or influenced by the government at the time of the order, judgement, or law being passed starting from when it was first proposed if associated or connected to such proceedings nor make income or profit from money raised from taxes or spent by the government nor be an agent of or invest in or make income or profit from foreign governments or jurisdictions or from companies or organizations or institutions from such jurisdictions nor be an agent for illegally exerting control over or track money privately owned by people, organizations, companies, or institutions nor violate the due process previously defined in the United States Constitution when administrating a hearing, trial, or conducting an investigation.


Failure to abide by this is a criminal offense (federal (in all cases) and possibly state/territory depending on if the office in particular represents a state/territory or a portion of a state/territory and the relevant laws of the state/territory) and if convicted the official forfeits his or her position and is barred from holding any governmental office, however, if the conviction is later found to be wrong then he or she will be reinstated or if unable to be reinstated then he or she will be justly compensated for the remainder of the term that he or she was unable to serve and regains the privilege of being able to hold a governmental office.


Lobbyists who participate in such crimes shall be subject to an appropriate punishment of an equal weight with respect to the punishment of and the crime committed by the offending public official.


Note: The elected officials that are responsible for writing our laws, managing our government's budget, and providing protection should be acting according to our best interests and doing their job properly not filling their pockets and acting according to their interests at our expense.


Under no circumstances shall the government (federal, state, or local) exercise control over or track money (including precious metals and jewelry) privately owned by people, organizations, companies, or institutions except in the cases of crime as per the due process previously defined in the United States Constitution or for preventing a bankruptcy of a financial institution or during bankruptcy or such proceedings or in the cases of requests of financial aid to prevent insolvency of an institution, organization, company, or person in which case it shall only exert financial control over the failing institution, organization, company, or person only.


Under no circumstances shall it be allowed for shares or securities of any company or institution to ever be lent nor payment be accepted for routing securities or share orders off traditional securities and share exchanges nor revealing order information.


Note: Short selling is the practice of taking loan of shares and selling them in the hopes of buying them back at a lower price to make profit.

The thing with long buying/selling is that you can at max lose as much you invest and have an infinite potential for profit (this is when you own the shares) but with short selling it is the reverse. You can profit as much you initially sold the shares for (you cannot profit beyond the initial value per share when it was sold so if started at 3,000 and became 0 (bankrupt) you make $3000 for every share shorted but no more) but the potential for loss is infinite because if it started at $3,000 but you buy it back at $10,000 you lost $10,000 multiplied by every share shorted. Long buying/selling doesn't require the owner of the share to pay interest as that person owns the share by right and by law whereas with short selling there is a fee or interest that is paid unless if it is a naked short (in which case it is not reported) because the share is lent and the person who took a loan of the share does not own it.

Also, stocks as general rule in a healthy economy are supposed to and do go up not down.

Not only is this very risky (essentially gambling, especially when illegal tactics (as per present law) are used) but it is also inherently very fraudulent because it requires the person doing it to have a strategy usually shady to bring the stock price down such as dirty talking a company on air, social media, or the internet and even naked shorting (selling shares that do not exist and have not been issued by the company (Illegal!!!)). This practice hurts companies, their investors, the ask-bid process (partly through volume manipulation (naked shorts)), and the overall economy. Also, this practice though mostly indirectly, funds human rights abusers, international and domestic crime and terrorism (international syndicates/cartels and local goons/gangsters and corrupt government officials and officers and media who are connected to these types of people). So overall, this practice is so un-American and so evil that it might as well be treason and a war crime. The thing is pension funds often invest in banks and other financial organizations many of whom are practicing these types of trades and people's money are lost and even stolen (as withdrawals are suspended due to a lack of reserve cash and the institution wants to remain afloat). This is the biggest reason why there is a class divide as long as this practice continues this divide will exist as companies are unable to pay their workers a fair livable wage and the corrupt politicians and the media are able to continue making excuses to deregulate the economy and not pass laws to update the minimum wage. This is also a reason behind such high inflation.

In short, if we stop this practice people can start having bigger pay checks combined with renewed purchasing power of the dollar can exponentially help everyone and start solving all the problems related to inequity because this is the root cause. So much so that none of my other provisions are going to matter if this practice is not stopped. The politicians and the media will keep going back and forth at each other calling each other Marxists, Socialists, Communists, Fascists, and Racists but will intentionally avoid the real problem.

Also, there are two countries Russia and China who are waiting for America to collapse and my God if it does the Women won't be safe and the men will have no clue about the paternity of their wife or their girlfriend's child to put it nicely in the least crude as possible words. And that's just the least of it. I know how these countries conduct warfare and how they use concentration camps to lock up their own people that either do not conform or are their political opponents.

Some people may argue that short selling allows overpriced stocks due to pump and dump to become deflated. But that is not our job, that is the SEC's job.

On the contrary short selling itself is the reason for these market gimmicks because seasoned/large, short selling hedge funds and banks have to hold collateral long positions which they pump up to maintain and push their legal and illegal short buying power instead of facing a margin call.

In essence instead of liquid cash, they are using money that they don't have to short (pumped up stocks and crypto) to show that they have not exceeded 1.5 times the value of their positions. All this put together eventually causes a money crunch as all that "money" that is shown as monetary value does not exist and the economy collapses, and the people lose their life's savings, and they aren't in many cases even allowed to pull out.

Note: Payment for order flow is essentially the practice of routing orders in exchange for payment away from the market into artificial exchanges run by brokers (most of them), hedge funds (short sellers), banks (in some cases), and crypto exchanges/brokers (most of them) and reveal order information. This helps short sellers as they can see the order before it goes to the market (insider trading), slow orders down, execute them off the market (controlling price per share/market or share price fluctuations and even controlling the execution of or replacing those orders) and hide and perform naked or undeclared shorts.


Under no circumstances shall the free and fair exchange and discourse of information be prohibited whether it be for personal or political or any other gain.


It is no secret that information is manipulated and suppressed in mainstream and social media outlets and in public and even due to political in private education as well including but not limited to deplatformation and bans on books and other information outlets and even deletion or destruction of information.

This even includes the promotion of ideologies even through force, pressure, sanctions, campaigning, fundraising, cancellation, war, exclusion, public shaming, ad hominem (personal) attacks, policing, and coercion that are fundamentally repulsive to the human mind by nature.

Section 2  
No state government nor the United States federal government shall have a foreign debt with any foreign government that does not respect the rights outlined in the United States Constitution prior to the adoption of this amendment.  
Any United States citizen who has rendered an exemplary and original service or served voluntarily in the armed forces for the United States may alternatively be eligible to run for becoming a president or vice-president or senator or representative of the United States.  
In a time of war (declared by Congress) or siege, there shall be no restrictions on the number of terms one may serve in an elected office including those who have previously served but not currently serving in office. However, Congress must confirm this temporary extension of presidential power by a two-thirds majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.  


Note: Good leadership is hard to come by. Also, in a winner take all system there are entire districts whose votes are never counted in the electoral college, this problem is eliminated when split voting is allowed as in Maine and Nebraska and it makes presidential elections more competitive and will better represent the people and candidates are not competing only in known swing states. Also, direct voting introduces a potential for fraud and increases the impact of fraud as it would affect everyone's votes instead of being localized in one state (one national voting administration vs every state administrating the voting process (the current way of how votes are counted)). It should depolarize American politics.

All persons intending to run for political office should enjoy an equal and fair process regardless of or independence of any political affiliation.  


All candidates for political office must debate and be fairly vetted for mental health and competence and any outstanding financial default and any debt to a foreign government or jurisdiction or organization and be provided fair means to fairly debate publicly (which shall be completely recorded, stored (easily accessible for the public), and presented; without any edits or cuts) and the media broadcast must cover the entirety of the jurisdiction of the relevant political office during the entirety of the election proceedings. If the candidate is reasonably able circumstantially but fails to arrive or attend or appear at any debate or found to be in cognitive decline or mentally incompetent, he or she will be eliminated from the race. Also, the person shall not be eligible to run for office if they have any outstanding financial default or any debt to a foreign government or jurisdiction or organization. If a president or a vice president of the United States have any outstanding financial default or any debt to a foreign government or jurisdiction or organization, the respective powers of their office shall be transferred as per the provisions previously outlined in the United States Constitution.


All states must appoint individual electors based on the winner of the popular vote for each Congressional district and then 2 electors based on the winner of the overall state-wide popular vote. 


In election months, no practices such as but not limited to work, debt collection or evictions shall be permitted that can hinder a person's ability to attain proper identification, register, be properly informed, and go out for voting.


Election days (including primaries) and election primary caucus meeting days must be a holiday.


All campaign funds given to or received by any elected official must be publicly disclosed and the respective information publicly available.


District maps shall not be drawn such that it confers undue political advantage.


Note: This is to protect the public interest and circumvent corruption.

All persons residing in these United States must have access to education within the bounds of fairness in comparison to one another without discrimination in regard to race, ethnicity, sex, religion, culture, immigration status (legal), residence, nationality, citizenship, language, income, employment, wealth, caste, family, medical issues, physical characteristics, or social status.   


Public educational institutions cannot stay out of session for more than a month save for an emergency.
For public health and hygiene purposes, all public and commercially used restrooms shall include the provision of a bidet or a device of a similar nature per toilet.  
Persons, Livestock, and Pets may not be subject to any form of cruel handling or treatment including but not limited to mutilation (certain exceptions apply for livestock raised as food).  


Any type of skin or hair care/treatment(s) shall not be construed as mutilation (for example: hair dying/treatment and tattoos).

Section 3 
Should a male seek to be married to more than one female spouse concurrently, he or she must have the coherent and intellectual written consent from the current spouse(s) and any adult deemed relevant on an individual case by case basis (in all cases including children who are dependent (who depends on the legal guardian(s) for resources or support regardless of whether they were previously claimed as dependents by the legal guardian(s)) or share the same residence (if there are any)) and the implicit consent of minor children (if there are any). Females may not be married to more than one male spouse concurrently.


Note: Marriage comes with legal responsibilities, benefits, and rights such as joint tax filing = lower overall taxes.

However, polyandry does not allow the males to equally enjoy the relationship especially regarding conceiving, which is neglectful and unhealthy and unacceptable and fails in the long run. This is essentially a type of relationship where a person spends all their time and fulfills all the desires of one partner while neglecting another due to an inherent lack of consistency in the relationship where every given male will experience neglect at any given point in time in favor of another given male throughout the course of the relationship until the relationship from a given male's end is either broken off or the dynamic of the overall relationship changes or both either by choice or circumstantially or both.

This problem, however, does not exist for females in polygyny.

Even medically this is harmful as it puts pressure on women to produce children instead of there being a natural flow in accordance with her desires, comfort, and ability (is this really humane?).

Shockingly in the past (and still now in some places), rural societies with scarce resources and shortage of women would have an entire family of men (brothers) marry one girl with the oldest brother having all the control including access to whom and when. This was to avoid splitting property due to the scarcity of resources. Also, in many societies women were swapped like in a game of cards as they were treated like or considered property.

This practice was never common due to the ratio of hassles (such as the legal questions regarding the paternity of the children) and the lack of gains for the society as a whole. Polygyny on the other hand, in the times of famine, plague, disease, or war prevented women from being unmarried and childless or brought to shame through prostitution despite a shortage of men and allowed societies to quickly recover and rebuild itself from a drastic drop in population instead of dying out.

I cannot ever in good conscience promote polyandry knowing what I know.

The thing is, growing up I have encountered a number of girls who have taken a long-term interest in me at the same time. When even one girl does this, it is not something I can ignore even if I want to. As such, I cannot forget such people and my memories of them exist in various shades ranging from fondness to sorrow and often times in alternation between these shades. So, the current laws as currently written are very unfair for people like me and those people whom I have just mentioned. It would be very helpful to consider this at the very end where I explain the various aspects of my motivations for writing this logical outline.

In any case, throughout human history, societies even in polygynous ones (quite common until recently (last few couple hundred years)) most people observed the one man one wife rule as it should properly be as polygyny is quite clearly not for everyone and even less can afford it even though in some cases it may be a necessity in society. 


The universal right of marrying and having sex shall not be abridged on the basis of race, ethnicity, sex, religion, culture, immigration status, residence, nationality, citizenship, language, income, employment, wealth, caste, family, medical issues, physical characteristics, social status, relation nor eugenics; however, no institution or organization shall employ or hire anyone for sex or committing sexual acts for profit nor any individual shall be allowed to do the same on behalf of or for the sake of representing such institutions or organizations.


Note: I have read some articles online of how the Porn Industry uses extortion to operate which relies on and promotes human trafficking, conceptually speaking: the industry would have started out with women which leads to child trafficking/pornography. 88 percent of what is seen on a video is by product of some form of abuse or physical violence such as pressure (coercion and the use of drugs for example). Also, Hollywood as well, and let's not even get started on what they do. Ugh!

In the criminal cases that arise from or contains any sexual activities, the courts will consider the relevant facts, nature of the activities, psychological profiles, and intentions of all the parties during the sexual activities to objectively and impartially determine any physical violence, not being in a sound state of mind, extortion, blackmail, deceit, and who is the perpetrator if there is any. Depending on the particular facts of an individual case, the courts may defer any vulnerable parties to the care of or recommend to them to seek the aid of social services.


Congress nor the states shall make any law that will promote sexual intercourse while prohibiting marriage or vice versa. Whether an individual is deemed capable of consensually marrying and having sex shall be determined on whether the individual is capable of forming deep romantic (long-term) emotional bonds, attachments or relationships as determined from a relevant practitioner of a good standing for the purposes of marriage or by court in criminal cases. If the individual happens to be below the age of majority, the legal guardian(s) of the individual is bound by and answerable to the law as part of their duty as guardians to give full support to the individual as per the necessities of the marriage (within reason, including but not limited to separation and divorce proceedings).


Any children produced by an unemancipated individual below the age of majority shall temporarily have the individual's guardians act on the individual's behalf as the children's legal guardian(s) until the individual reaches the age of majority. 


Note: As sex (acceptable and unacceptable) is a very potent force here in the United States and the fact that laws for such matters are written in a way that harms young and vulnerable people (especially teenagers and young adults and people with special needs and the elderly who are taken advantage of and is a part of why many children grow up without having contact with both or either of their biological parents) or even aborted, the laws regarding such matters are best written in the manner above.


I basically took into account the predominant culture and its practices such as sex-ed to minors, homecoming to minors, prom to minors, minors having relationships (don't want to get into too many details here) and the state laws. I did some serious research here and the more I read, the more frustrated and disgusted I became both due to the lewdness that is promoted and the laws that are basically a trap and funny enough (it's disgusting by the way) that people like Epstein get away while normal people get screwed over from so many directions: one is the law that is designed to hurt people so that private prisons can maintain their quota and make more profits and the other is the media that promotes such a lewd culture.


In the case(s) that the conception of a child poses a significant risk of or causes harm to the mother or there are confirmed case(s) of fetal anomaly that is incompatible with life or death of the fetus or may cause the child to suffer considerable anguish throughout its life related to survival, or the conception of the child is or there are signs present to reasonably suspect conception by physical violence, not being in a sound state of mind, extortion, blackmail, or deceit; termination of pregnancy maybe allowed.


However, in all cases except where the child is or reasonably suspected to be conceived by physical violence, not being in a sound state of mind, extortion, blackmail, or deceit; the biological father of the child and the current partner(s) (if not the same as the biological father (if any and if alive)) if of a sound mind and of a good character of the mother will determine with the mother the fate of the unborn child.


However, the mother must be alive and of a sound mind and of a good character and must consent to undergo the procedure at the time of undertaking the proceeding(s) at the very least.


However, in the case(s) where the child is or reasonably suspected to be conceived by physical violence, not being in a sound state of mind, extortion, blackmail, or deceit; the mother or father decides if the other biological parent will be allowed to have a say and how much say if any in determining the fate of the unborn child depending on who is proven to be or suspected of being the abuser. However, if either parent was intoxicated at the time of conception and there was no nor any signs present to reasonably suspect physical violence, extortion, blackmail, or deceit; then the default provisions as written above apply (in other words, where no one is suspected or guilty of rape).


However, in the case(s) of complication(s) that is immediately life threatening or otherwise requiring urgent medical attention related to or as a result of an ongoing pregnancy, emergency procedure(s) may be performed to terminate the pregnancy and save the mother from death or any other form of permanent physical harm.


In the case(s) of surrogate/egg donor pregnancy, the term "mother" will apply to both the surrogate/egg receiver and the biological mother (if different) and the above provisions will apply to both their respective current partner(s) (if any) as well, but both mothers will additionally consult with one another when determining the fate of the child provided that both mothers are of a good character.


In the case(s) of surrogate/egg donor pregnancy, the term "mother" will apply to both the surrogate/egg receiver and the biological mother (if different) and the above provisions will apply to both their respective current partner(s) (if any) as well, but both mothers will additionally consult with one another when determining the fate of the child provided that both mothers are of a good character.


However, in the case(s) of surrogate pregnancy where the biological and the surrogate mother are the same, the biological father will additionally consult with his current partner(s) when determining the fate of the child provided that his current partner(s) is of a good character.


However, in all cases with the exception of cases of conception by physical violence, not being in a sound state of mind, extortion, blackmail, deceit, and the fetus is below 120 days of age (this law applies only for human fetuses, excluding the time in suspended animation (if applicable)) after fertilization (if the fetus is not wanted by familial consensus as per the provisions above), every effort must be made to treat both the mother and the child including but not limited to premature birth and cesarian section (if needed).


In any case, both biological parents (who shall be the De Facto legal guardians and therefore liable for the care and upbringing of the child until the child reaches the age of majority) and any intermediaries (if applicable) responsible for the conception of the fetus or child are liable for the proper care of the fetus or child and the pregnant mother (biological or surrogate/egg receiver) during pregnancy and postpartum recovery at minimum and the government must provide necessary aid (applies to federal and state and local jurisdictions within states and territories).


I have heard of cases where a surrogate mother carried two children: one is her own and her husband's and the other belonged to the two clients. They had to fight the agency to become the legal guardians of their own children. Apparently, the agency is the legal guardian, and it was trying not to allow them their parental rights without them paying for adopting their own biological children.


Any fetus illegally aborted (including induced but not natural miscarriage) 120 days after fertilization (this law applies only for human fetuses, excluding the time in suspended animation (if applicable)) shall be legally classified as murder and the fetus is granted the full rights and privileges of a person (including but not limited to inheritance (if the benefactor is deceased, an appropriate trusted adult(s) shall be appointed to manage the asset(s) until the child reaches the age of majority) and who can be inherited from (any crimes against the unborn child in relation to such matters shall be classified and treated as a crime against a person as per applicable laws and the definition(s) of and within such laws)) at federal, state, and territorial governments. If the fetus is to die at this point, it must be eligible for funeral and its last rites to be observed as that of the passing of an infant or child and not to be used for research or medicine.


In cases where any fetus 120 days of age or older after fertilization (this law applies only for human fetuses, excluding the time in suspended animation (if applicable)) that sustains an injury (if an injury occurred prior to this age (this law applies only for human fetuses, excluding the time in suspended animation (if applicable)) but the injury or the resulting disorder persists or at or after 120 days of age (this law applies only for human fetuses, excluding the time in suspended animation (if applicable))) due to assault shall be classified and treated as a crime against a person as per applicable laws and the definition(s) of and within such laws at federal, state, and territorial governments.


In cases where any fetus reaches 120 days of age after fertilization (this law applies only for human fetuses, excluding the time in suspended animation (if applicable)) and is a byproduct of rape (physical violence, not being in a sound state of mind, extortion, blackmail, or deceit) and conceived within or under American jurisdiction (territory or administration), the unborn child becomes a United States citizen henceforth and granted the full rights and privileges of and is treated no different than that of a natural born American.


Note: I wanted to be impartial to the mother, child, and the father and even the mother's domestic partner if not the same as the biological father and create the foundation for addressing the additional legal complicacies that arise when working with surrogate/egg donor pregnancies.


Section 4


In the case of a constitutional convention, a constitutional convention will be organized so that the states calling for a constitutional convention will send forth delegates to the United States Congress from which Congress will hold a special joint session to host the delegates for both a formal hearing and back and forth deliberation and the delegates together must first procure a 2/3 majority vote in Congress and the House and the Senate each separately must procure a 2/3 majority vote to propose the finalized amendment for ratification and conclude the constitutional convention and Congress will resume normal activity. 


During such times, the President of the United States shall temporarily assume the powers and duties of Congress but may only act upon those duties and powers with the concurrence of two thirds of the federal Supreme Court justices and two thirds of the state governors and two thirds of the Presidential Cabinet.


Note: In the case a constitutional convention is ever to occur, there should be a set of guidelines to govern such a procedure to prevent altering the constitution beyond the issue(s) at hand that warranted the constitutional convention to prevent untoward usurpation of power that could revoke currently guaranteed civil rights in the Constitution such as the Bill of Rights and other important constitutional amendments such as the 13th Amendment and onwards. Also, due to the current level of political polarization, if such a convention is to occur without this amendment being enacted beforehand it would trigger a Civil War as less than a majority of the public would accept it both due to a lack of procedural guidelines to establish legitimacy and the one sided manner in which the convention would be conducted both of which are sufficient to trigger a Civil War on its own without the other. And, considering the authoritarian powers that be, if such a War occurs America will inevitably decline towards its destruction.


Section 5


In the case(s) where there is a filing to divorce or separate, a court will initially provide counsel for their grievances (both personal and circumstantial) including but not limited to providing legal, financial, and logistical advice and deferment to marriage counseling/therapy, the full expenses of which shall be borne by the state or the federal government in lieu of the state depending on the current state laws or if the state is unable to bear the expenses.


However, if at least one party still wants to proceed with the divorce or separation then normal proceedings for divorce/separation as per state law will continue in a separate court.


All efforts must be made to ensure joint custody, however, if such attempts fail the mother will have primary right of custody.


However, if the mother is not single after the completion of divorce/separation proceedings than the father will have primary right of custody.


In any case, the child's preferences shall be a priority unless he or she never had the chance to properly develop a relationship with any one of the parents.


This rule only applies if the legal guardians are the biological parents and that there are no court rulings directly against either one of them from the divorce/separation proceedings nor any criminal rulings.


Ideally, we would always want parents to have joint custody of the children, but some situations may not allow for that. For example: two estranged parents who live far away from each other. The current laws usually favor the mother, but the consequence is that a lot of children don't get to know or spend as much time with their fathers.


I took into consideration that when a woman is starting a new family with another man, she may have another child during which time she will need care and there is also a noticeable shift in the power dynamic in the house even if the mother is the bread earner and, in some cases, being the bread earner even can tilt the power dynamic towards to the stepfather's direction. In such cases, it is more appropriate for the biological father to have custody of the children. In an extreme example, the stepfather may even be hostile, and the children will not have access to their mother to properly protect them, especially, if she is expecting. However, if the mother is single again, she may yet again have priority over the custody of the children.


Unless if any property is jointly owned by the separating/divorcing spouses, no person under any circumstances shall be entitled to any portion of their estranged or former spouse's wealth or income unless in the case of debt from a lawful product or service or loan provided consistent with state and federal rules or for the treatment or therapy pertaining to abuse or assault of the victim (if the other estranged or former spouse is convicted (by evidence beyond a reasonable doubt)).


Divorced/separated parents must by default be allowed to decide amongst themselves how to manage the finances for the upbringing of their children unless if either parent is unfit due to criminal conduct, neglect, or mental issues.


Section 6


Taxes shall be levied so that no more than 20% is paid on the following:


(1) The profit or the surplus of the income at the end of the year after expenses (2) net equity/net worth (3) natural resources from mineral exploration on land (4) the precious stones/ metals/ mineral obtained from sea (5) treasures discovered from any land (6) the land which is given by local/state/federal government for cultivation (7) the spoils of war (not acquired by government).


Any spoil of war acquired by the government is subject to a tax (obligation to its jurisdiction) of 20% of its value paid back to the people within its jurisdiction.


No additional taxes shall be levied except by the federal government with the two-thirds majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate and all states and territorial governments ratifying.


These additional taxes shall by their very nature be temporary and they will have a stipulated period of time when they expire or otherwise shall be null and void and therefore unenforceable.


Additionally, henceforth (from the moment of adoption of this amendment) instead of charging interest, equity participation and profit-and-loss sharing shall be done in its stead and such transactions of charging interest done hereafter are null and void, payments decreed to be returned, and punishable by law.  


Final Considerations: I would be remiss to not include Section 3 and Section 5 and not include some of the personal, sentimental, ethical and logical aspects of my motivations for forming this logical outline. The thing is, apart from always knowing that I am interested in machines and wanting to be an engineer, I always knew that I wanted to have a family, have kids, and be loved. I also believe in a basic level of fairness and decency and order, and I detest ambiguity. I also crave loyalty and certainty especially in the case of a romantic relationship. As such, there are certain things that I am rather sensitive about. I simply could never come to terms with the nastiness at such a basic level. The thing with the current system, it encourages and causes families to be broken and remain broken. As a man when I love someone, I cannot bear the idea of that person having a child with a drop of someone else’s seed for that child could have been mine. That is where the point of no return lies after two people part ways and the system is designed to aggressively push people to that point of no return so in that way they can hurt even more and so profit trillions of dollars instead of helping them and their families.




Manzeel Ahmed

My Petition can be reproduced and distributed for fair use purposes but only with proper citation or naming me or otherwise giving credit to me as the author.

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