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Amend the Bowmont Park Improvement Plan's recommendations to ensure fair, reasonable & safe off-leash access

While many elements of the Bowmont Improvement Plan are positive, the off-leash recommendations would significantly restrict access and use in East Bowmont Park.

In particular, the Plan eliminates off-leash access in what is currently the most widely used off-leash area in the Park (the plateau area immediately south and west of the 40th Ave NW / 53 St NW intersection) and does not allow for off-leash access to the river.

Please note, these off-leash area changes ARE NOT accurately reflected in the maps provided with The City of Calgary's online survey to generate community input on the proposed changes.  The map above accurately reflects the additional off-leash restrictions. To view a larger version of this map, please click here.

By signing this petition, you state that:

1. I oppose the proposal that the section of East Bowmont Park on the upper plateau immediately south and west of the 40th Ave NW / 53 St NW intersection become on-leash.

2. I oppose the plan to remove all off-leash access to the river from upper Bowmont Park. Specifically I request an OFF-leash corridor from 40 Avenue going west and down the hill through the valley bottom to the river; to a designated "Dog Beach" gravel bar area.

3. I support the narrow corridor of East Bowmont Park from Home Road north through the first playground and 50 meters beyond becoming ON-Leash.

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  • Varsity Community Association
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    Ald. Dale Hodges

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