New India Assurance can’t deny Cancer Chemotherapy Claims for Herclone ( Trastuzumab)

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Paying High Premiums to these Government Mediclaim Companies & In Return getting Repudiation/Denials for your Claims at the time of Need is really Devastating !! Specially Senior Citizen Women who survives on her Savings. While a patient already goes through Mental & Physical Trauma of undergoing Chemotherapy & Fighting Cancer , Claims Denial is another Mental Trauma which may affect Patients Health Adversely as Patient is Stresed for Financial Worries of Borrowing Money. Nothing is mentioned in Policy Clauses & wordings that Herclone / Adjuvant Chemotherapy will not be paid . New India Assurance denied all  Claims without any Logical Reason. Asked them Several times in all Four Letters to Show any such clause where it says Herclone Chemotherapywon’t be paid but New India Assurance Company Grievances has no Valid Answer