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Please do not show Hotel Transylvania 3 in your theaters

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I am writing this petition to ask that your theaters please not show the upcoming movie Hotel Transylvania 3. The reason for this is because the creator and director of this movie, Genndy Tartakovsky, has gone on record as acting very disrespectful and downright rude to his fanbase. He was in such a rush to get this movie made that he threw together a series finale to one of his best loved television shows, Samurai Jack, that was disorganized, made no sense, and was obviously just done so it could get done. No care was made in putting it together, and no thought was given to the fans of this show. As a result the finale displeased a great many people. Samurai Jack was without exception the best work he has ever done. This show gave him many fans from all over the world and helped shape his franchise, but the series finale of it only showed those very fans that despite the fact that they had made him famous he cared no more for any of them!  When asked about the finale in a recent interview he was extremely impolite, snapped at the questions asked of him, and would not listen to anything that was asked of him. He made it perfectly clear he only cared about this movie and not about the many fans he has made, in particular the fans of Samurai Jack, and he also couldn't care less about our feelings! He has even gone on record as saying that he wants to wait at least five years before even considering what his fans want. He has already made us wait thirteen years, and now he wants to make us wait five more! He has also angered the Leading Voice Actress of Samurai Jack- Tara Strong. She has gone on record herself as stating that she was angered and disgusted by the finale of the show and felt that Ginndy did not respect her or the work she put into the show. She has also said that this finale hurt her so much she is not even sure she wants to work with Ginndy again. As a result of this hurtful behavior, not just to the fans but to Mrs. Strong herself, and the rushed and disorganized job he has done with the series finale of Samurai Jack, we do not feel that this movie, Hotel Transylvania 3, or any other of his works, deserves to be shown in an important theater like yours. If someone is going to be that rude, that disrespectful, and not care about the people who made him who he is, than we feel his works do not deserve to be shown. Please consider not showing this movie in your theaters until he has given his fans a sincere apology for his behavior and agrees to rewrite the series finale of Samurai Jack. Thank you very much.

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